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Solar panels and windmillsHydro One connects generating facilities to the distribution system, delivering the electricity they produce at hydroelectric, wind and other facilities to businesses and people across Ontario. Distribution facilities operate at voltages of 50 kV or less. We work with these customers to plan for the future and make sure facilities are in place to deliver electricity where it needs to be.

Visit the Independent Electricty System Operator's Feed-in Tariff (FIT) program for more information about connecting your renewable energy project to our distribution system under a fixed-price contract.

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Policies & Guidelines

Hydro One's policies and guidelines provide a fair and consistent level of service to all of our customers. Our internal Safety Rules and Work Protection Code help keep our staff and members of your team safe while they visit or perform work at our facilities. These policies and procedures ensure consistency with Ontario Energy Board regulations, Hydro One licenses and other industry requirements.

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Combined Heat and Power Standard Offer Program 2.0