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building safe communities

We’re committed to giving back to our communities and teaching others how to stay safe. Through our partnerships, we’re grateful to have the opportunity to support training, promoting safe play across the province.

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Mental & Physical Health Webinars

Join Hydro One and Coaches Association of Ontario for insightful webinars this fall on topics around the impact COVID-19 has on your mental and physical health.

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Why is CAO a great partner?

Canadians rank sport as the 2nd most positive influence for youth. As sport leaders, coaches help create this experience by ensuring that all sport participants are physically, emotionally and mentally safe.

In support of this, the Coaches Association of Ontario and Hydro One have partnered to build a culture of safety for coaches and their participants across Ontario.

  • 1 in 7 Canadians will coach in their lifetime, which represents the single largest group of volunteers in Canada.
  • In Ontario, more than 2.2 million youth are impacted each year by the 150,000+ coaches across the province who help them to develop and reach their potential on and off the playing field.
Kids baseball team

“The return of players to sports has always been essential to me. Kids of all ages have lost or had limited team involvement over the past year. I have seen their drive to succeed fading away. As a coach returning to sport after COVID-19, I understand it will no longer be about play. This year will be more about reuniting kids with teamwork and friendships.”

— Ryan Meade, Power Line Maintainer
Simcoe Operations
Simcoe Minor Baseball

“The reason that I continue to coach is I want to pay back the great coaches that I had as a child and make sure that these children have great coaches and they continue to pass that on to the generations of skaters to come.”

— Tanishah Nathoo, Senior Manager of Integrated Marketing

Together with Coaches Association of Ontario, we created the following programs in 2020

Safe Sport 101

A virtual resource hub providing safety tools and resources for coaches so they can keep sport safe, fun and inclusive as we return to sport from COVID-19, and moving forward.

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Hydro One Safe Play Award

As part of the CAO's Ontario Coaching Excellence Awards, an outstanding recipient is awarded a $500 prize reimbursement to be used on purchases for their team, club or organization from a Canadian retailer of their choice.

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This year, we also announced the new Return to Coaching Community Grant to provide coaches with the tools they need to get back to playing safely in-person.

Return to Coaching Community Grant

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Coaches were eligible to apply for up to $2,000 of expenses related to a safe return to sporting activities, such as new personal protective equipment, extra practice time, additional sport equipment to reduce sharing, safety training and much more. The 2021 recipients are announced mid-September and can be found here.

Meet Patricia Howes:
2020 Hydro One Safe Play Award Recipient

As a coach in the sport of fencing for over 30 years, Patricia Howes' knowledge, passion and dedication makes her one of the top coaches in Canada.

“I really do believe that safety is not just our physical aspects, but our mental and emotional as well – and that's part of what I do when I'm coaching is try to make people feel like they have a great environment to play sport.”

"We are excited to have a partner in Hydro One, who is committed to empowering and educating the leaders of sport and recreation - the coaches. Their support gives the 150,000+ Ontario coaches the resources & tools they need to make sport safe, inclusive and fun for all participants and athletes in their communities."

— Jeremy Cross, Executive Director, Coaches Association of Ontario

The Coaches Association of Ontario is an independent, non-profit organization that supports coaches from community to high performance across all sports in Ontario. Through education, funding and events, the CAO helps coaches develop tools to create exceptional, safe and positive experiences for all athletes and participants at every stage of their sport participation.

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Community Investment

We’re committed to giving back to our communities and teaching others how to stay safe. Through our partnerships, we’re grateful to have the opportunity to support training, promoting safe play across the province.

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