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The Barrie Area Transmission Upgrade project was planned in accordance with the Class Environmental Assessment for Minor Transmission Facilities 1992 (Class EA), an approved planning process under Ontario’s Environmental Assessment Act. The Class EA was developed as a streamlined process to ensure that minor transmission projects that have a predictable range of effects are planned and carried out in an environmentally acceptable manner.

Consultation with elected officials, municipal representatives, government agencies, First Nations and Métis communities, interest groups, and the public is an important part of the Class EA process. In addition to organized consultation opportunities, we welcome input at any time throughout the project.

As part of the consultation process, a draft Environmental Study Report (ESR) was made available for a 30-day review period. Details of the review process were communicated through various channels, including local newspapers, this project website, and via notifications to project stakeholders.

During the review period if concerns were expressed, Hydro One attempted to resolve them to complete the EA process. If interested parties were not satisfied with the response, they could submit a written request (Part II Order) to the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change asking for a higher level of assessment (an Individual Environmental Assessment). The Minister of the Environment and Climate Change would decide whether an Individual EA is required. The final Environmental Study Report for the project is available below.

Final Environmental Study Report

Draft Environmental Study Report

A draft  Environmental Study Report (ESR) documents consultation on the planning and decision making process followed during the Class Environmental Assessment. The document is available for public review and comment for 30 days, from January 29, 2018 to February 27, 2018.

A hard copy of the draft ESR is also available for review at the following locations:


70 Collier Street

Phone:  705-726-4242


60 Worsley Street

Phone:  705-728-1010


12 Finlay Mill Road

Phone: 705-737-5650

View the 
Notice of Completion advertisement posted in the Barrie Advance (January 25 and February 1) and Springwater News (January 25 and February 8).