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The Supply to Essex County Transmission Reinforcement Project was planned in accordance with the 
Class Environmental Assessment for Minor Transmission Facilities (Class EA), approved under Ontario’s Environmental Assessment Act.

The Class EA sets out a standard planning and reporting process for a defined class of transmission projects. The types of projects that are subject to the Class EA are considered to be routine in nature with predictable and manageable environmental effects.

Public consultation is an important part of the Class EA process.  Following consultation on key aspects of the undertaking with members of the public, potentially-affected property owners, government officials, First Nations and Métis communities, and other key stakeholders, we make a draft Environmental Study Report (ESR) available for public review and comment for a minimum of 30 days.  The draft ESR summarizes the alternatives considered and process followed, and presents our recommendations for new and/or upgraded facilities based on its analysis of environmental, socio-economic, and technical considerations, as well as input received during the public consultation process. If no concerns are expressed during the review period, the project is considered to be acceptable and a final ESR is filed with the Ministry of the Environment.

If concerns are expressed during the review period, we attempt to resolve them to complete the Class EA process.  If an individual
does not feel that an issue or issues have been adequately addressed, he or she may request that the project be subjected to a higher level of assessment, i.e. an Individual Environmental Assessment.  Such requests, referred to as Part II Order requests, must be made in writing to the Minister of the Environment.  The Minister will decide if the project requires an Individual EA and will inform both parties in writing of the decision.

Final Environmental Study Report – July 2010

Following is the final Environmental Study Report with Appendices (PDF format – Adobe Reader required) for the Supply to Essex County Transmission Reinforcement Project: