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Tillsonburg Station and Line Refurbishment Project

Hydro One is planning work at Tillsonburg TS to replace equipment nearing its end of life and ensure a continued safe and reliable supply of electricity.

Project Update

Download or view our narrated project update presentation from June 2020 below:

Project Overview

Hydro One completed an Environmental Assessment (EA) to refurbish and expand our Tillsonburg Transformer Station (TS) and refurbish the existing 115 kilovolt transmission line between Tillsonburg TS and Cranberry Junction (JCT) in the Township of Southwest Oxford to Tillsonburg TS in the Town of Tillsonburg. This refurbishment is required to ensure the continued reliable supply of electricity to your area.

To accommodate the upgraded equipment, the station needs to be expanded by approximately 10 metres to the east and approximately 20 metres to the west at the station entrance. Other work includes:

  • Replacing the existing three-pole wood structure on the existing corridor and the installation of one or two additional wood pole structures to the northeast are also required

  • The modification and/or replacement of select wood pole structures, and the replacement of conductor wires and insulators along the existing right-of-way between Tillsonburg Transformer Station and north to Cranberry Junction

  • Some vegetation removal is required near the station entrance and on the east side of the station to accommodate the expansion work and installation of new structures. Following project completion, we plan to re-plant vegetation where it is safe to do so.


Project Maps

These maps offer visual context of the station expansion and anticipated vegetation removal during construction.

The map below provides an overview of the planned station and line work:

Tillsonburg Station Overview map
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The map below provides a more detailed look of the planned station work:

Tillsonburg Station Map
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Construction is anticipated to begin in October 2020 and continue through to mid-2022.

Contact Us

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Tel: 1-877-345-6799