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Hydro One is initiating a Class Environmental Assessment (EA) to expand its existing Wawa Transformer Station (TS), located northeast of Anjigami Lake on Anjigami Lake Road, southeast of the Municipality of Wawa. This proposed station expansion is required in order to connect the proposed new East-West Tie transmission line to the station.

As part of this project, the following work is being proposed:

  • Installation of new electrical equipment such as circuit breakers and disconnect switches;

  • Reconfiguration of existing electrical components to establish connection with the proposed new line; and 

  • Installation of a new relay building, which would house electronic devices critical for safety, reliability and security of the power system.

To accommodate this work, the existing Wawa TS would have to be expanded by approximately half a hectare to the north. 

More information is available in the Notice of Change to Class Environmental Assessment, which was published on March 13, 2019 in the Algoma News Review newspaper (aussi disponible en français).

Project Location & Profile

Wawa TS is located northeast of Anjigami Lake on Anjigami Lake Road, approximately 20 kilometres southeast of the municipality of Wawa. Hydro One has identified an additional small expansion along the western side of the existing station fence which is necessary to accommodate site grading.  This additional portion of land is on Hydro One-owned property and is identified on the site map.  Affected parties have been consulted and no concerns were raised.  Click here to view the project map.

Project Need

The proposed Wawa TS expansion is required in order to connect the proposed new East-West Tie transmission line to the station. For more information about the proposed East-West Tie project, please click here.

Activity Timeline

  • Summer 2017
  • Class Environmental Assessment (EA) Screening Process Initiated
  • Winter 2017
  • Class Environmental Assessment Screening Process Completed
  • Winter 2018
  • Decision to Follow Full Class EA Process
  • Winter 2019
  • Notice of Project Change and
    Consultation Begins
  • Summer 2019
  • Draft Environmental Study Report Review Period Begins
  • Summer 2019
  • Anticipated Completion of Full Class EA Process
  • Fall 2019
  • Start of Construction, Contingent on the outcome of the Class EA Process
  • Fall 2021
  • Planned In-Service Date

If you wish to be added to the project contact list to receive project updates, please contact:

Melissa Raby
Community Relations
Hydro One Networks Inc.

Tel: 1-877-345-6799
Fax: 416-345-6984


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Project Approvals

Learn more about the work we have completed to ensure provincial approval for this project.

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Public consultation

Public Consultation

Public consultation is an integral component of the Class Environmental Assessment process.

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Maps and Diagrams

View maps and diagrams related to this project.

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