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Current Wood Pole Replacement Projects

Through our pole-testing program, Hydro One has identified a number of areas where poles need to be replaced.

2018 Wood Pole Replacement Program
Circuit 29M1 - District of Kenora, Unorganized
Circuit 79M1 - City of Ottawa (Ward 19) | City of Clarence-Rockland (Ward 1) | Township of Alfred and PLantagenet | Township of Champlain
Circuit A36N - City of Thorold
Circuit A4L -  Municipality of Greenstone
Circuit B10 - City of Burlington (Ward 1)

Circuit B12 - City of Hamilton (Ward 1)
Circuit B1S - Township of North Frontenac | Township of Greater Madawaska
Circuit B22D/B23D - Municipality of Morris-Turnberry

Circuit B3E/B4B/B4E/s2B - Township of North Shore
Circuit B81Hw/B82HW - Municipality of Kincardine
Circuit C28C - Township of Otonabee-South | Monaghan
Circuit C2P - City of POrt Colborne (Ward 4)
Circuit C7Bm - City of Ottawa (Ward 4, 5, 7, 8, 9)
Circuit D10H - Township of Woolwich (Ward 2) | City of Waterloo (Ward 3) | Township of Wellesley
Circuit D3A - City of Thorold
Circuit E1C - District of Kenora, Unorganized
Circuit E2R - District of Kenora, Unorganized | Township of Ear Falls
Circuit H23S - City of Greater Sudbury (Ward 8, 9)
Circuit H9K - Township of Fauquier-Strickland
Circuit K24F - Town of Fort Frances | Township of Alberton
Circuit K2Z/K6Z - Town of Kingsville
Circuit K6F - Township of Sioux Narrows-Nestor Falls
Circuit L7S - Municipality of South Huron | Municipality of Huron East | Township of Perth South | Municipality of West Perth
Circuit M2D - District of Kenora, Unorganized
Circuit M2W/T1M - Town of Marathon | District of Thunder Bay, Unorganized
Circuit N21W/N22W - City of London (Ward 9, 10, 14)
Circuit P13T/P15T - City of Timmins (Ward 2, 3)
Circuit P15C/C28C - City of Pickering (Ward 3)
Circuit P4S - Township of Alnwick/Haldimand | Township of Cramahe
Circuit P91G - City of Timmins (Ward 2)
Circuit Q6S - Township of Tyendinaga | City of Belleville
Circuit R9A - District of Thunder Bay, Unorganized
Circuit s1H - Municipality of West Grey | Township of Chatsworth
Circuit s2n - Municipality of Brooke-Alvinston | township of Enniskillen | City of Sarnia
Circuit s2s - Municipality of Grey Highlands | Town of the Blue Mountains
Circuit W2S - Township of Strathroy-Caradoc | Municipality of Middlesex Centre | City of London (Ward 9)
Circuit WT1A - Township of Malahide

CIRCUIT X23N - City of Greater Sudbury (wards 2 & 5)



Wood Pole Replacement Project Archives

icon of a Hydro One truck with poles in it

Learn more about where we replaced wood poles around the province in 2017.

See 2017 Projects

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