Region Overview

The Burlington to Nanticoke Region comprises the municipalities of Burlington, Hamilton, Oakville, Brantford, Brant County, Haldimand County, and Norfolk, and is divided into four sub-regions:


  • Brant Sub-region: The area encompasses the County of Brant, City of Brantford, and surrounding areas. 
  • Bronte Sub-region: This sub-region roughly encompasses the cities of Burlington and Oakville. 
  • Greater Hamilton Sub-region: The area encompasses the City of Hamilton and surrounding areas. 
  • Caledonia Norfolk Sub-region: This sub-region includes the Haldimand and Norfolk County, and covers the southern part of the Burlington to Nanticoke Region.

Region's Local Distribution Companies

  • Alectra Utilities
  • Brantford Power Inc. 
  • Hydro One Networks Inc. 
  • Burlington Hydro Inc. 
  • Oakville Hydro Electricity Distribution Inc.
  • Energy+ Inc.

Map: Burlington to Nanticoke

Current Status

The second regional planning cycle for this region is complete. The Regional Infrastructure Plan (RIP) for this region was completed and published in October 2019. The RIP provides a consolidated summary of the needs and recommended plans for the Burlington to Nanticoke Region in the near-term (up to 5 years) and the mid-term (5 to 10 years). 


Accomplishment (Most Recent Shown First) Status Completion Date
Regional Infrastructure Planning Completed October 2019
Integrated Regional Resource Planning - Hamilton Completed February 2019
Scoping Assessment Completed August 2017
Needs Assessment  Completed May 2017
Regional Infrastructure Planning
Completed February 2017
​Integrated Regional Resource Planning - Bronte  Completed ​June 2016
Local Planning Completed October 2015​
​Integrated Regional Resource Planning - Brant Completed April 2015
​Scoping Assessment ​Completed September 2014​

*The completed reports are available below.

As a recommendation of the most recent Scoping Assessment, an Integrated Regional Resource Plan (IRRP) for the Hamilton Sub-region was initiated and  completed during this planning cycle.  IRRPs were completed for the Bronte and Brant Sub-regions during the previous regional planning cycle. 

Relevant Documents

Regional Infrastructure Planning (RIP)
Name Completion Date
RIP Report - Burlington to Nanticoke October 2019
RIP Report - Burlington to Nanticoke February 2017

Integrated Regional Resource Planning (IRRP)
Name Completion Date
 Hamilton IRRP - Report February 2019
Hamilton IRRP - Appendices February 2019
 Bronte IRRP - Report June 2016
Bronte IRRP - Appendices June 2016
Brant Subregion - IRRP - Report April 2015
Brant Subregion - IRRP - Appendices April 2015

Local Planning (LP)
Name Completion Date
Local Planning Report - Burlington to Nanticoke Region October 2015

Needs Assessment (NA) & Scoping Assessment (SA)
Name Completion Date
Needs Assessment Report - Burlington to Nanticoke May 2017
Scoping Assessment Report August 2017
Needs Assessment Report - Burlington to Nanticoke Region May 2014
Scoping Assessment Report
September 2014

Additional Documents
Name Completion Date
OPA Letter - Burlington Nanticoke - Brant February 2014