Region Overview

The Chatham-Kent/Lambton/Sarnia area is located to the west of the greater Toronto area in southwestern Ontario. The region includes the municipalities of Lambton shores and Chatham-Kent. It also includes the township of Petrolia, Plympton-Wyoming, Brooke-Alvinston, Dawn-Euphemia, Enniskillen, St. Clair, Warwick, and Village of Oil Springs and Point Edward.

Region's Local Distribution Companies

  • Bluewater Power Distribution Corporation
  • Entegrus Power Lines Inc. (Chatham-Kent)
  • Hydro One Networks Inc.

Map: Chatham-Lambton-Sarnia

Current Status

The second regional planning cycle for the Chatham-Kent/Lambton/Sarnia region has been completed with the publication of the Regional Infrastructure Plan (RIP) report in August 2022. It is expected that the next planning cycle for this region will be initiated in 2026 or earlier, beginning with the Needs Assessment (NA) phase.

Accomplishment (Most Recent Shown First) Status Completion Date
Regional Infrastructure Planning
(2nd Cycle)
Completed August 2022
Scoping Assessment (2nd Cycle)
Completed December 2021
Needs Assessment (2nd Cycle)
Completed September 2021
​Regional Infrastructure Planning
​August 2017
Local Plan (Kent TS)
Completed ​June 2017
​Needs Assessment
Completed June 2016

*The completed reports are available below.

Relevant Documents

Regional Infrastructure Planning (RIP)
Name Completion Date
Chatham-Kent/Lambton/Sarnia RIP - Report (2nd cycle) August 2022
Chatham-Kent/Lambton/Sarnia RIP - Report August 2017

Local Planning (LP)
Name Completion Date
Kent TS Transformation Capacity Local Planning Report (Final) June 2017
Needs Assessment (NA) & Scoping Assessment (SA)
Name Completion Date
Chatham-Kent/Lambton/Sarnia SA – Report (2nd Cycle) December 2021
Chatham-Kent/Lambton/Sarnia NA – Report (2nd Cycle) September 2021
Chatham-Kent/Lambton/Sarnia NA – Report June 2016