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Region Overview

The Greater Toronto Area (GTA) East Region comprises the municipalities of Pickering, Ajax, Whitby, Oshawa, and parts of Clarington and other parts of Durham Region. It is divided into    two sub-regions: 

Pickering-Ajax-Whitby Sub-region: This area covers most of the City of Pickering, Town of Ajax, part of the Town of Whitby, and part of the Townships of Uxbridge and Scugog. 

Oshawa-Clarington Sub-region: This area encompasses the City of Oshawa, part of the Municipality of Clarington, and part of the Township of Scugog.

Region's Local Distribution Companies

  • Veridian Connections Inc. 
  • Whitby Hydro Electric Corporation 
  • Oshawa PUC Networks Inc. 
  • Hydro One Networks Inc.

Map: GTA East

Current Status

The first regional planning cycle for this region is complete. The Regional Infrastructure Plan (RIP) for the region was published in January 2017. It is expected that the next planning cycle for this region be initiated in the next three to five years.

Accomplishment (Most Recent Shown First) Status Completion Date
Regional Infrastructure Planning
Completed January 2017
Integrated Regional Resource Planning - Pickering-Ajax-Whitby Completed June 2016
​Local Planning - Wilson and Thornton TS Capacity Completed May 2015
Scoping Assessment Completed December 2014
​Needs Assessment Completed August 2014

*The completed reports are available below. 

Relevant Documents

Regional Infrastructure Planning (RIP)
Name Completion Date
Regional Infrastructure Planning Report 2017 - GTA East  January 2017
Integrated Regional Resource Planning (IRRP)
Name Completion Date
IRRP Appendices - Pickering - Ajax - Whitby Sub-Region  June 2016
IRRP Report - Pickering - Ajax - Whitby Sub-Region  June 2016
Local Planning (LP)
Name Completion Date
Local Planning Report - Wilson Thornton - Final  May 2015
Needs Assessment (NA) & Scoping Assessment (SA)
Name Completion Date
Scoping Assessment Report - GTA East  September 2014
Needs Assessment Report - GTA East Region  August 2014
Planning Status Letters
Name Completion Date
Hydro One Distribution - Planning Status Letter  November 2013
Veridian Connections Inc. - Planning Status Letter  September 2013