Region Overview

The Peterborough to Kingston Region includes the area roughly bordered geographically by the municipality of Clarington on the West, North Frontenac County on the North, Frontenac County on the East, and Lake Ontario on the South.

Region's Local Distribution Companies
  • Eastern Ontario Power Inc.
  • Elexicon Energy Inc.
  • Hydro One Networks Inc.
  • Kingston Hydro Corporation
  • Lakefront Utilities Inc.

Map: Peterborough to Kingston

Current Status

The second Regional Planning cycle for this region was completed with publishing of RIP report in May 2022. It is expected that the Third Regional Planning cycle will be initiated in 2025 or earlier with the completion of the Needs Assessment report.

Accomplishment (Most Recent Shown First) Status Completion Date
Regional Infrastructure Planning (2nd Cycle) Completed May 2022
Integrated Regional Resource Planning (2nd Cycle) Completed November 2021
Scoping Assessment (2nd Cycle) Completed May 2020
Needs Assessment (2nd Cycle) Completed February 2020
Regional Infrastructure Planning Completed July 2016
Local Plan (Gardiner TS)
Completed October 2015
​Needs Assessment Completed February 2015

*The completed reports are available below.

As recommended by the Needs Assessment report, a Local Plan was completed to address Gardiner TS Capacity issue (Load Balancing).

Consistent with the process established by the Planning Process Working Group the Regional Infrastructure Plan (RIP) is the last phase of the planning process. In view that no further regional coordination was required, the Local Plan and Needs Assessment (NA) report will be deemed to form the RIP report for the Peterborough to Kingston Region and is accompanied by a letter to the working group.

Relevant Documents

Regional Infrastructure Planning (RIP)
Name Completion Date
Peterborough to Kingston RIP - Report (2nd cycle) May 2022
Peterborough to Kingston RIP - Report July 2016

Integrated Regional Resource Planning (IRRP)
Name Completion Date

Peterborough to Kingston IRRP – Report (2nd Cycle)

November 2021

Peterborough to Kingston IRRP – Appendices (2nd Cycle)

November 2021

Local Planning (LP)
Name Completion Date

Local Planning Report - Gardner TS Load Balancing

October 2015