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2024 fund recipients

Our Energizing Life Community Fund supports local organizations that inspire caring connections between people to build strong local communities. These organizations strengthen connections between people and the resources they need to improve their daily lives.


ABLE2 empowers people with disabilities and their families to build meaningful lives through mentorship, advocacy, and community connection. Their programs foster inclusion, challenge stigma, and celebrate the diverse abilities of all individuals. By partnering with volunteers and community organizations, ABLE2 creates opportunities for personal growth, friendship, and belonging.

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Across Languages Translation and Interpretation Services

Across Languages is a non-profit organization dedicated to breaking down language barriers in Ontario through professional interpretation and translation services. Since 1989, they've trained cultural interpreters and built a reputation as a leader in community interpretation, fostering an inclusive multilingual society.

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Barrie Families Unite

Barrie Families Unite (BFU) is a non-profit organization born from a grassroots community initiative during the pandemic. Dedicated to ensuring dignified access to essential needs, BFU provides grocery gap orders, clothing, and crisis support in collaboration with local agencies. Their focus on caring for the community helps bridge gaps in resources and empowers individuals and families in need.

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Best Buddies Canada

Best Buddies Canada fosters inclusive communities by creating one-to-one friendships between individuals with and without intellectual or developmental disabilities. Through school programs and community initiatives, they combat isolation, build leadership skills, and promote acceptance across Canada. Their programs continue to empower individuals with IDD and create a more inclusive society.

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Beausoleil First Nation

The Good Food Box program at Beausoleil First Nation provides fresh produce to community members, with a focus on supporting those managing diabetes through healthy eating. The program plays a vital role in promoting food security and well-being in the community, where access to affordable, fresh produce is limited.

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Chapleau Cree First Nation

Chapleau Cree First Nation, located near Chapleau, Ontario, is a community dedicated to responsible leadership, cultural preservation, and improving the lives of its members. Through initiatives focused on governance, education, economic development, and environmental stewardship, they strive to create a thriving and sustainable future while honoring their rich heritage.

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Children's Centre Foundation Thunder Bay

Enriching the lives of children and families in Thunder Bay, the foundation supports underfunded health and wellness programs. They offer a wide range of services, including early intervention, therapy, and support for children and families experiencing challenges in development or mental health.

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Community Living Kincardine and District

Community Living Kincardine and District (CLKD) is a community-based organization dedicated to supporting individuals with developmental disabilities in Kincardine and Huron-Kinloss. Through collaboration with stakeholders, CLKD fosters an inclusive and caring community where individuals with developmental disabilities can lead enriched and meaningful lives.

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Community Support Services of Niagara

Happy In My Home, Community Support Services of Niagara (CSSN) is a volunteer-driven organization dedicated to helping seniors and adults with disabilities maintain independent living. Through personalized support, including transportation and companionship, CSSN empowers clients to live fulfilling lives while easing the burden on their families. Their collaborative partnerships with healthcare and social service providers underscore their commitment to a comprehensive and integrated approach to community care.

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Connections Early Years Family Centre

Connections is a non-profit agency dedicated to supporting the healthy development of families and children aged 0-6 in Windsor-Essex County. Since 1974, they have provided integrated support, early learning programs, and intervention services. Their vision is to create a strong and connected community where families have the resources and knowledge to help their young children reach their full potential.

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Constance Lake First Nation

Constance Lake First Nation is a vibrant community dedicated to preserving their ancestral lands and traditions in the Kenogami Watershed. They are committed to fostering unity, promoting cultural awareness, and advocating for Indigenous rights. Through initiatives in land stewardship, education, and economic development, they work tirelessly to empower their members and create a thriving, self-reliant future for their community.

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Country Heritage Agriculture Society

Country Heritage Park (CHP) is a non-profit charity using its community kitchen and food hub to connect people with food and farming. Through education, skill development, and food donations, CHP is making a significant impact in the fight against food insecurity, providing meals and resources to thousands of individuals each week.

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Down Syndrome Association of Peterborough

Down Syndrome Association of Peterborough is dedicated to empowering individuals with Down Syndrome and their families through affordable programs and supportive resources. By offering tailored activities and fostering a sense of community, they address the isolation and lack of information often faced by those affected by Down Syndrome. Their programs cater to all ages, providing opportunities for learning, socialization, and connection, ultimately enriching lives and helping individuals reach their full potential.

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Durham Farm and Rural Family Resources

For 36 years, Durham Farm and Rural Family Resources has been providing free, quality childcare and family support services to Durham Region residents. With five EarlyON Child & Family Centres, they offer programs for children aged 0-6, seasonal on-farm childcare, and free flexible childcare options. Their commitment to supporting families is evident in their diverse range of resources and accessible locations throughout the region.

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EcoSuperior is a Thunder Bay-based non-profit organization dedicated to creating a healthy future for both people and the planet. Since 1995, they have been inspiring and empowering change through a variety of environmental programs and services, focusing on areas such as food security, water quality, habitat preservation, and waste reduction. Their passionate team collaborates with community members, partners, and funders to realize their vision of a sustainable Northwestern Ontario.

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Food 4 Kids Muskoka

Food4Kids addresses weekend hunger for over 1,000 children in Muskoka by providing packages of healthy food, assembled by volunteers and delivered to schools each Friday. This support is crucial for families facing economic hardship, job loss, illness, or other challenges that limit their access to food. While hunger is a global issue, Food4Kids focuses on ensuring children in their community have nourishment, regardless of their circumstances.

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Food for Life

With a small staff of 22 and a dedicated team of 400 volunteers, this grassroots organization thrives on collaboration within the Halton and Hamilton communities, turning every $1 donated into $7 worth of food. By diverting 4.9 million pounds of good food last year, they've also significantly reduced greenhouse gas emissions. Their mission remains unchanged: rescuing food to positively impact lives.

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Fort Frances Volunteer Bureau

The Fort Frances Volunteer Bureau plays a vital role in enriching the community by fostering a spirit of volunteerism. They facilitate connections between individuals seeking to make a difference and organizations in need of support, while also providing valuable training opportunities. The bureau's commitment to the community is evident in its various initiatives, such as organizing the annual Terry Fox Run for cancer research and hosting a heartwarming Christmas dinner for community members. Their efforts contribute significantly to the well-being and connectedness of Fort Frances residents.

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Good Greens Food Reclamation Program – Downtown Windsor BIA

The Good Greens Food Reclamation Program at the Downtown Windsor Farmers’ Market is a vital initiative working to improve food systems and minimize waste. Through collaboration with local non-profits, they distribute fresh produce to vulnerable groups and transform donated food into nutritious meals. By supporting local businesses and championing food access, the Good Greens Initiative is making a tangible difference in the downtown Windsor community.

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Girls Inc. of Durham

Girls Inc. has been empowering young women in the community since 1864, fostering confidence and leadership through mentorship and research-based programs. Their Mind & Body initiative specifically addresses the well-being of at-risk girls, providing essential support in combating isolation, promoting healthy living, and managing mental health challenges.

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John Howard Society of Kingston & District

The John Howard Society of Kingston & District is a crucial community resource, empowering young people through their Core Youth Program and advocating for just and humane responses to crime. Their evidence-based approach focuses on rehabilitation and reintegration, reducing school dropout rates, police contacts, and self-harm among youth participants. Through collaboration and a commitment to inclusivity, JHSKD is building a safer, healthier, and more resilient Kingston community.

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Kivi Park

The SHARP (Seniors Health and Recreation Program) Program at Kivi Park is a thriving initiative that enhances seniors' health and well-being through free access to guided outdoor activities. Meeting twice weekly from January to March, participants enjoy diverse activities like skiing, snowshoeing, and urban poling, promoting physical fitness and mental well-being. The program fosters a sense of community with interactive social time after each session, combating isolation and improving overall quality of life for seniors.

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Mohawks of the Bay of Quinte

The Mohawks of the Bay of Quinte (Tyendinaga) are creating an interactive walking trail that celebrates their rich heritage and fosters community health. This trail will feature several stops incorporating exercise prompts, traditional folklore stories, and nature identification signage, all translated into the Mohawk language. This project aims to promote physical activity, cultural preservation, and language revitalization within the community and beyond.

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Naicatchewenin First Nation

Naicatchewenin First Nation, a thriving community in Northwestern Ontario, seeks funding for a home generator at their fire hall/First Response garage. This vital addition will ensure uninterrupted power for lighting and garage doors, enhancing the community's emergency response capabilities and overall safety. By investing in this infrastructure, Naicatchewenin First Nation continues its commitment to fostering the well-being of current and future generations, working towards a sovereign and self-sufficient nation.

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Ojibways of Onigaming First Nation

The Ojibways of Onigaming First Nation are proactively addressing the ongoing impact of historical trauma and limited access to healthy food within their community. Their proposed greenhouse project aims to empower youth and promote healing by providing opportunities to cultivate fresh produce, learn valuable skills, and contribute to the community's overall well-being. This initiative represents a significant step towards greater food sovereignty and improved mental health outcomes for the next generation.

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Parry Sound Peer Support Team

The Paramedic Peer Resilience Program is a vital initiative dedicated to safeguarding the mental health of our courageous paramedics. Understanding the unique stressors they encounter on the front lines, this program fosters a supportive community within the profession, empowering paramedics to navigate challenges and build resilience together.

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REACH Niagara

REACH Niagara is a vital pillar of support for the Niagara community, addressing the critical intersection of poverty and healthcare. By providing essential healthcare services to those experiencing homelessness, precarious housing, or living below the poverty line, REACH Niagara actively combats health inequities and empowers vulnerable individuals to access the care they need. Their compassionate and holistic approach recognizes that health is deeply interconnected with basic needs, and by addressing these fundamental needs, they foster healthier, stronger communities across Niagara.

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Sagamok First Nation: Food Bank Expansion

The Sagamok Food Bank expansion project is a multi-faceted initiative aimed at strengthening the community through food security and empowerment. By incorporating a community kitchen, the project will not only enhance access to nutritious meals but also create a valuable platform for youth skills development and employment opportunities in the food service industry. This expansion represents a significant investment in the well-being and future of the Sagamok community.

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Sault Ste. Marie Innovation Centre – Harvest Algoma

Harvest Algoma's Healthy Heart, Healthy Body Community Kitchen empowers individuals and families across Algoma District to take charge of their well-being through hands-on cooking workshops. By teaching participants how to create affordable, heart-healthy meals, this initiative fosters essential life skills and promotes healthier lifestyles, ultimately contributing to a stronger, more vibrant community.

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Seizure and Brain Injury Centre

The Brain Connect Program is a vital initiative that bridges the gap between technology and individuals with brain injuries. By establishing a technology lending hub, the program empowers these individuals to overcome the challenges posed by their injuries and actively participate in the digital world. Access to technological devices is not merely a convenience but a fundamental necessity for engaging with essential services, fostering social connections, and ultimately enhancing their overall quality of life.

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Sunny Days Group Program

Sunny Days Group Program (SDGP) is a lifeline for intellectually and physically challenged adults in the Brighton area, providing a safe and supportive environment where they can socialize, learn life skills, and engage in community activities. By seeking funding to expand their offerings, SDGP aims to further enrich the lives of these individuals and address the unique challenges faced by this underserved population in a rural setting.

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Team Rubicon Canada

Team Rubicon Canada's RIVER program is a vital initiative aimed at empowering veterans and emergency responders to navigate life's challenges with resilience. By combining virtual sessions on personal resilience skills with a hands-on community service project, the program fosters peer support, self-reflection, and the profound satisfaction of helping others. This holistic approach equips participants with tools and strategies to better cope with adversity, ultimately enhancing their overall well-being.

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Town of Huntsville

The Huntsville Water Safety Program is making a significant impact on the community by proactively addressing the issue of drowning, which affects all age groups. By offering free and accessible water safety education, the program empowers individuals and families with essential skills, reducing the risk of water-related accidents and fostering a safer environment for everyone to enjoy the lakes and rivers that make Huntsville such a special place.

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Wunnumin Lake First Nation

Wunnumin Lake First Nation (WLFN) is taking a significant step towards a sustainable future by introducing their first public charging station and a fleet of electric boats, vehicles, and tools. This initiative not only promotes the adoption of zero-emission technologies within the community but also emphasizes WLFN's leadership in environmental stewardship, ensuring the preservation of their land for generations to come.

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Youth Habilitation Quinte Inc.

The Youth Mental Health Groups initiative directly addresses the 64% increase in demand for mental health services among transitional aged youth (16-24) since 2020. By offering accessible group therapy sessions with a rotating curriculum led by mental health professionals, this program aims to equip young people with essential tools for building resilience, managing stress, and improving emotional well-being. This timely investment in youth mental health will strengthen the community and foster a healthier future for the next generation.

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We're giving back to local communities.

We’re committed to supporting Ontario organizations and communities by funding projects that focus on the physical, psychological and emotional safety of Ontarians. By supporting organizations who energize life for so many, we are able to build safer and more resilient communities.

For the fourth year, Indigenous communities, charitable organizations and municipalities seeking funding to support programming for Ontario communities were invited to apply for the Energizing Life Community Fund. Applications are now closed.

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November 1, 2023
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January 31, 2024
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May 29, 2024
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