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August 27, 2021

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Energizing Today

Peterborough, ON

We’re supporting Kawartha Food Share in the fight against hunger

With a rising demand due to the pandemic, nutritious meals are needed now more than ever before

As part of our commitment to building safe communities, we feel a deep responsibility to energize life and support Ontario organizations to overcome serious challenges to meet urgent and emerging local needs.

Due to rising needs from the COVID-19 pandemic, Kawartha Food Share and its member agencies have served an increased number of clients on a monthly basis over the past year. At the same time, similar to many other organizations, Kawartha Food share is experiencing a decrease in donations during the summer months even though demand remains high.

We’re proud to work with Kawartha Food Share. Together, we are helping build safe communities by ensuring that residents in the Peterborough and surrounding county have safe and reliable access to nutritious food items.

Kawartha Food Share assists over 8,900 community members by distributing more than 100,000 pounds of emergency food in the city and county of Peterborough each year. With Hydro One’s support, the organization will be able to purchase $150,000 worth of food to assist in keeping food bank shelves well supplied.

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David Lebeter at Kawartha Food Share

"We feel a deep responsibility to support the grassroots organizations working tirelessly to keep their communities safe. Hydro One is proud to energize life in Peterborough, Lakefield and Norwood and to support Kawartha Food Share in making positive change in the fight against hunger."

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David Lebeter, Chief Operating Officer, Hydro One

Ashlee Aitken, General Manager of Kawartha Food Share, tells us about the impact the pandemic has had on the community.

"We are so thrilled to receive this very generous support from Hydro One. The past year has been challenging for our local food banks, clients, and the many staff and volunteers who work tirelessly providing emergency food to those who need it most in Peterborough and County."

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Ashlee Aitken, General Manager, Kawartha Food Share

1 in 6

Households in Peterborough are considered food insecure


Of Kawartha Food Share local food bank users are under the age of 18


Meals are provided each month within the communities Kawartha Food Share serves

Photo of KFS Staff

Kawartha Food Share Staff

We encourage those who are able, to consider supporting their local foodbank to help community members who may be struggling. Learn more about getting involved: www.kawarthafoodshare.com

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