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November 15, 2022

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Creating safe and inclusive spaces

Trans Wellness Ontario is enhancing the mental and physical health and wellness for LGBTQ+ members of the Windsor community.

Every day, many transgender, non-binary, and queer people struggle to feel accepted, safe and comfortable in their own community. Enter Trans Wellness – an affirming space in Windsor-Essex County for trans and queer people to visit for ongoing support, obtain resources, and learn how to love and accept themselves; all while improving their mental and physical well-being.

As an Energizing Life Community Fund recipient, Trans Wellness will use their grant to expand their Peer Support Program through increased facilitators, materials and one-on-one support, and provide the opportunity for queer and trans people to connect with others in a safe and validating environment.

Watch the video to see how Trans Wellness is energizing life in their community.

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Words are important and powerful, and the way we describe ourselves and others can show our commitment to creating safe spaces for people around us.

Derrick Biso (They/Them/Theirs), Project Lead at Trans Wellness

"Using the name and pronouns that a person shares with you is the foundation for a respectful engagement and relationship. If you make a mistake and misgender someone be sure to briefly apologize and correct yourself and move on. Take the time you need to practice using the person's name and pronoun so you are less likely to make the mistake again."
Derrick Biso (They/Them/Theirs), Project Lead at Trans Wellness


What are pronouns?

Gender pronouns are a way of addressing someone aside from using their name, such as she/her, he/him or they/them. Pronouns are an essential part of validating cisgender and transgender people and creating a respectful space. Using a person’s chosen name and pronouns is a form of respect and courtesy. Whether in a work or personal environment, this helps to create an inclusive and supportive culture.

How to ask for pronouns

Introduce yourself with the name and pronouns that you use and encourage the person you are speaking with to do the same. Ask, “What pronouns do you use?”. If you forget what pronouns a person uses, ask them, “Could you remind me the pronouns you use? It is important to understand that a person may not feel comfortable or safe sharing this information in front of other people. Do not ask “What are your preferred pronouns?” as it implies a lack of respect for the importance of this part of a person’s identity.

Inclusion matters

Trans and non-binary people often include pronouns online to avoid being misgendered, but this opens room for harassment or aggression. When cisgender people become more active in sharing and including their pronouns on online platforms like LinkedIn, Instagram or Twitter, they help normalize this practice and create more respectful spaces and practices.

Where to include your pronouns

  • Social media bios
  • Email signatures
  • After your name in virtual calls
  • Essentially, anywhere your name is listed online

For more information and resources on pronouns visit:

Trans Wellness Ontario


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