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The Hydro One and Métis Nation of Ontario Engagement Session took place May 13, 2017.

group photo from the Métis Nation of Ontario Engagement Session that took place May 13, 2017

Front row (left to right) Marcel Lafrance, Trent Deseliurs, Roger Rose, Pauline Richardson, Yvonne Jensen, Karen Deroucher, Denis Tremblay, Ernie Gatien. Second row from the front (left to right) Oded Hubert, William Gordon, Ferio Pugliese, Joanne Meyer, Sharon Cadeau, Kyla Thistle, Jennifer Jensen. Tausha Esquega, Sara Jane Souliere, Tobias Clarke, Christa Lemin, Kristin Randall. Third Row from the front (left to right) Andy Dufrane, Rhode Thomas, Greg Garratt, Doug Hall, Richard Sarrazin, Brady Hupet, Imran Merali, Benny Michaud, Jennifer Parkinson, Larry Duval. Back row (left to right) Jean Camirand, Joel Henley, Robert Lloyd, Rob Berardi, Dan Boulard , Derrick Pont, Bruno Jesus, Devi Shantilal, Daniel Charbonneau.

File Type Name Session Date File Size

Aboriginal Procurement

May 13, 2017 222 kb

Customer Service

May 13, 2017 709 kb

Employment and Training

May 13, 2017 573 kb

Hydro One's Distribution Rate Application

May 13, 2017 1007 kb
Hydro One MNO Engagement Report

May 13, 2017
​550 kb

Responses to follow-up questions asked at the Engagement Session.