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Play safe all year

Working with Scouts Canada to help kids stay safe


We've partnered with Scouts Canada to help educate kids and families how to prevent head injuries through the Head Safe program.

Everyone has their favourite indoor and outdoor activities, from camping and paddling in summer to skating, hockey and skiing in winter.  With concussions representing more than one in five student injuries treated in Ontario, we want to ensure that families prepare for any outdoor adventures with safety in mind.  Throughout the year, we're visiting local communities to help educate families about head safety, the importance of wearing a helmet, and how to recognize the signs of concussion.

To help us work toward our goal of building safe communities across Ontario, Hydro One has partnered with Scouts Canada on a new program called Head Safe. The initiative was developed to promote head safety awareness to parents and kids to help prevent head injuries among young people in Ontario. 

Through Head Safe, we'll be able to provide youth, volunteers and families in over 25,000 households with essential educational tools.

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As part of the program, free public community events will be offered through Scouts Canada groups across Ontario. Youth will learn head injury first aid, important safety measures to protect against head injuries, and role play on how to respond to real-life scenarios. They will also learn how to recognize the early symptoms of a concussion, what to do if they suspect they, or someone else, has had a concussion, and the six steps to determine when it is safe to return to play, with appropriate medical clearance.


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Work Safe. Live Safe. Play Safe.

We're investing in community partnerships across Ontario that focus on safety training and safe play.

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