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Electricity Distributor Scorecards

In 2014, the Ontario Energy Board introduced the Electricity Distributor Scorecards. Ontario's electricity distributors (also called utilities) will report their scorecard performance results annually, and make the results available to the public. The Scorecard is a new format that measures how well distributors are performing each year. It is designed to encourage electricity distributors to operate effectively, continually seek ways to improve productivity and focus on improvements that their customers value.

For more information, read the Ontario Energy Board's FAQs on Scorecard for Ontario's Electricity Distributors





(1) These figures were generated by the Board based on the total cost benchmarking analysis conducted by Pacific Economics Group Research, LLC and based on the distributor's annual reported information.

(2) The Conservation and Demand Management net annual peak demand savings include any persisting peak demand savings from the previous years.





(1) Several measures in the scorecards do not show any data for 2013 (and/or years prior). This is because the measures were only recently introduced and so the data is not yet available. It will be in place for the 2014 reporting period.

(2) The arrows under the “trend” column show the directional trend being achieved (up, down or flat) for measures where a target has been set. The symbol will be green if the value reported in the most current year is on target (i.e. if the target is met or exceeded) and red if the target has not been met.

Conservation and Demand Management Reports