Hydro One aims to be a trusted partner to your business. We are here to help you with your diverse energy needs and ensure you have the safe and reliable power needed to help your business grow.

Are you a large business customer looking to start a new business or expand your current operations in Ontario with transformation/nameplate capacity greater than or equal to 2 MVA? There are many players in the electricity industry and Hydro One’s team of professionals will help you navigate the connection process so you can hit the ground running.

Specific requirements are dependent on several factors, but at a high-level, the connection process includes:

  • Assessment

  • Design & Estimate

  • Construction & Connection.

Some large connection requests may require an IESO SIA with an additional timeline and coordination with the IESO.

If you are an existing customer and already have an Account Executive, you can get things started by discussing your plans with them. Otherwise, please contact us using our online form and we'll reach out to you within two business days to discuss next steps.

Large Customer Contact Form  



Note: This form is for large customers only (transformation / nameplate capacity ≥ 2 MVA). If you doN'T meet this criteria, please contact our customer call centre at 1-888-664-9376.