Our Power Quality Inquiry Response Process has been developed in order to respond to customer inquiries pertaining to power quality in a timely and consistent manner.

Our approach is based on feedback we have received from some of our large customers. The process is owned and managed by our System Development Division, and we look forward to hearing from you on how we can continue to improve the process.

Find out more about each step in the inquiry response process below.

Key Steps of the Response Process

  • Step 1

  • Gather Power Quality Inquiry Information
  • This step will ensure that we have accurate and complete information for addressing customers’ power quality inquiries in a timely, consistent and cost-effective manner. To facilitate this step, customers should complete and submit an online Power Quality Incident Form to report a Power Quality incident.

  • Step 2

  • Quick Assessment
  • A power quality inquiry received will be acknowledged within two working days. If the issue or inquiry is straightforward, a resolution will be implemented and we will provide a report to the customer within 10 working days.

    If the inquiry is complex and requires a detailed assessment (i.e., it cannot be resolved within 10 days based on the Quick Assessment), it will be escalated to the next level for a detailed assessment and resolution.

  • Step 3

  • Detailed Assessment & Solution Development
  • If the inquiry is complex and it cannot be resolved within 10 working days based on the Quick Assessment, the inquiry status will be communicated to the customer. Scope and schedule would be established for detailed assessment and developing resolution with input from customer (as required). A task team will be assembled, as appropriate, and in most cases the customer would be part of the task team for major events requiring detailed assessment.

  • Step 4

  • Finalize Solution with Customer
  • Our team, with input from the customer and other stakeholders, will develop a solution and propose it to the affected customer(s) for consideration. If the customers are required to make a capital contribution or take other action to implement the solution(s), the project will proceed only with customer approval and work will be planned and scheduled accordingly. If no customer action is required, we will approve, plan, and schedule work according to our investment planning process.

  • Step 5

  • Information Captured and Retained
  • Customers may opt to take no action or defer implementation of a solution for a variety of reasons, including cost or impact on operations. We retain information on the Power Quality investigation for future use if required.

  • Step 6

  • Implement Solution and Monitor Effectiveness
  • This step ensures that all stakeholders are meeting their schedule in implementing the recommended solution and action plan and implementation status. The follow-up is required to monitor effectiveness of the resolution and response process so that we can continue to improve.