Note: The Government of Ontario continues to accept 2022 energy and water usage data until October 31, 2023. Please click here for more information.

Energy Reporting & Benchmarking

For Large commercial, industrial and multi-residential Buildings
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Since 2018, certain large building owners need to report their buildings’ energy and water use annually.

If you are the owner of a commercial, industrial or multi-residential property that is larger than 50,000 square feet, you may be required to report your property’s annual electricity usage data as part of the Energy and Water Reporting and Benchmarking (EWRB) for Large Buildings.

With the repeal of the Green Energy Act, 2009, Ontario Regulation 506/18, Reporting of Energy Consumption and Water Use (EWRB) came into force on January 1, 2019, reintroducing EWRB into the Electricity Act, 1998.

The Act requires that large building owners report their annual electricity usage every year. This regulation requires Hydro One to aggregate your annual electricity usage for the property and make this data available to you, the property owner, on request, so that you can report your energy data to the Ministry of Energy, Northern Development and Mines by July 1st each year.


​Deadline for Reporting to Ministry of Energy, Northern Development and Mines

​Commercial & Industrial Buildings Gross Floor Area

July 1
(usage for previous calendar year)

50,000 square feet or larger

Building owners of commercial, industrial and multi-unit residential buildings with a gross floor area of 50,000 sq. ft. or greater are required to report their 2022 electricity usage by July 1, 2023.

Note: The Government of Ontario continues to accept 2022 energy and water usage data until October 31, 2023.

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How to get started


To ensure that you receive your electricity usage data in a timely manner, please print and complete the PDF form..

Before you submit your form, please ensure that you have signed the form and have all of your building information, including your EWRB ID number issued by the Ministry of Energy, available. The Ministry recommends that you submit your request(s) to us by February 28 every year to ensure you receive the required data before the July 1 deadline. It is important that you give us at least six weeks to process your request(s) and to follow up with you if there is any missing information.

If you are a designated third-party representative, you may complete the form and request usage data on behalf of the property owner. To do this, the property owner must complete and sign the authorization section under Part A of the form as this authorizes us to release information to a third party. We cannot process a request for information from a third party without this section being completed and signed by the property owner.

Download the Request Form (.PDF)

2. COMPLETE and Submit a PDF request form

Please email your completed/scanned form to: Please be sure to add “Request for Monthly Aggregated Electricity Consumption Data” to the subject line of the email.​​​

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Email your scanned form to:
Please be sure to add “Request for Monthly Aggregated Electricity Consumption Data” to the subject line of the email.

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Fax your signed form to:

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Mail your signed form to:
Hydro One Networks Inc.
Attn: Transmission & Distribution Settlements – TCT-06
483 Bay Street, Toronto, ON
M5G 2P5


3. Review Process

If we need more information, one of our representatives will contact you to obtain the information needed to complete your request.


4. Data Submission

Once we have received, reviewed and verified your information, we will process your request and send you the yearly aggregated electricity consumption data for your property as quickly as possible.


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We're here to help

If you have any questions about completing the form, please email us or call us at 1-866-922-2466. Our office hours are weekdays, 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need to measure my energy use?

Large buildings, such as offices, condominiums and retail stores, play an important role in fighting climate change and cutting greenhouse gas pollution. The goal of the regulation is to help you:

  • benchmark how much energy your building currently uses
  • identify ways to reduce your energy use and costs
  • compare your building with similar buildings
  • measure improvements over time.

When do I have to start reporting?

I have multiple properties that qualify under the program. Do I need to make a submission for each property?

How are you going to protect my privacy?

Protecting your privacy and the confidentiality of your personal information is a standard by which Hydro One conducts its business. As the largest electricity delivery company in Ontario, the collection, use and disclosure of customers' personal information is fundamental to our day-to-day business operations and as such, we strive to provide you with the best customer service. This includes respecting your privacy and treating you fairly.

We have established our privacy code to inform you about our practices and procedures concerning the collection, usage and disclosure of your personal information. It tells you the ways we ensure that your privacy and the confidentiality of your personal information are protected.

If you have any questions about privacy at Hydro One, please contact us at or call us at 1-888-664-9376.

Who can I speak to if I have any questions?