Connection Process for Distribution-connected Generators under FIT

Process Leader:
Estimated Turnaround Time:
Pre-FIT Consultation Assist proponent to gather information necessary to apply for FIT, such as your point of connection and how to check for transmission and distribution capacity, etc. Hydro One 15 days upon the receipt of a completed Pre-FIT Consultation Application       Form A
FIT Contract Application A process that is managed by the Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO) for assessing applications and issuing FIT contracts. IESO 60 days upon completed IESO FIT application
Connection Impact Assessment After the FIT contract has been awarded, the applicant files a CIA with us for a more formal assessment of the impact of connecting the generator to the system A System Impact Assessment (SIA)must be completed by the IESO for projects > 10MW. A very high-level connect cost assessment will be provided as part of the CIA package back to the applicant. Hydro One (IESO if applicable) 60 days upon the receipt of a completed CIA application Form B

Longer than 60 days if projects involve other LDCs
​Connect Cost Estimate (CCE) If the Applicant requires a detailed connection cost assessment, the Applicant can complete a CCE.​ ​Hydro One
​90 days upon the receipt of a completed CCE study agreement by the generator. The CCE study agreement and cost are included as part of the CIA package.
​Connection Cost Agreement (CCA) Once the scope and cost are determined the Generator is required to sign a Connection Cost Agreement to recover the costs we will incur to connect the project to the distribution system.​ Hydro One​ 6 months from the time CIA is completed the Proponent must submit the CCA application to us 45 days in advance of the 6-month deadline to allow for processing and completion.

The generator is required to complete a CCA study agreement along with payment in order to initiate the CCA process.

The CCA study agreement and payment information will be included as part of the CIA package.​
​Engineering Procurement and Construction After submitting the CCA and payment, detailed design and construction may begin. The project in-service date will be set.

Once all of the required work and approvals are completed, the Distribution Connection Agreement, signed by us and the Generator, provides an outline of the connection as well as the roles and responsibilities of each party.​
​Hydro One ​The project in-service date will be determined at the project kick-off meeting which will take place no later than 45 days after CCA execution.