Customers or companies can submit up to 25 Preliminary Consultation requests and up to 25 Distribution Operating Map (DOM) requests at no charge.  

Please note effective December 14, 2015, any Preliminary Consultation or DOM request exceeding the 25th request (per type) will be charged an administrative fee.

The Preliminary Consultation is a service provided by us at no cost (up to 25 requests per customer or company; charges will apply for each request over 25) to provide the information the applicant needs.

  • DOM requests will be charged $12.00 + HST per request over 25

  • Preliminary Consultation Information requests will be charged $16.00 + HST per request over 25

Note: The total number of requests submitted are calculated over the lifetime of each customer, and calculated by type, i.e. customers can submit up to 25 free Preliminary Consultations and up to 25 free DOM requests before charges apply.

Prospective Applicants may apply for a Preliminary Consultation for their project using Form A. Through the Preliminary Consultation process, we will assist applicants to identify the details of connecting a project to the grid such as: station capacity, station names, feeder designation, voltage, and potential point of connection.

If you would like to only obtain a portion of our Distribution Operating Map (DOM) related to your intended location, please complete the DOM Application Form at no cost (up to 25 requests per customer or company - charges will apply for each request over 25).

Ensure to be as precise as possible when completing the application, with specific regard to the following items:


  • GPS co-ordinates of your project location

  • Station and Feeder (if known)

  • Project Size (kW)

We will respond to applicants within 15 days of receiving a completed Form A. If multiple requests are made, additional time will be required. We encourage prospective proponents to arrange for a Preliminary Consultation with our team if the point of connection is unknown.