We are reviewing our Distributed Generation Technical Interconnection Requirements Interconnections at Voltages 50kV and Below, Rev3 document ("TIR").  The TIR contains our set of design requirements for distributed energy resources (e.g. exporting and non-exporting generation facilities and energy storage facilities) connecting directly or indirectly to our distribution system in Ontario.

We want to update our TIR to reflect updated standards and practices in the industry and to specifically address the recent increase in activity related to the installation of energy storage and load displacement generation without compromising our obligation to ensure that the safety, reliability and efficiency of our distribution system is not materially adversely affected by connections of distributed energy resources.

Our commitments to great customer service and ensuring the safety, reliability and efficiency of our distribution system can be enhanced only by obtaining input from our customers.


How to Comment

Please provide suggestions for updates to our TIR requirements on or before June 15, 2019.  We request that in your submission you include the following:

  • refer to our existing TIR when providing us with your suggestions; and

  • provide the technical background and rationale that supports your suggested changes to our TIR requirements. Where possible, please tell us how your suggested changes will improve the connection process (whether that will be economic or timeline efficiency) while improving (or without compromising) the safety, reliability and efficiency of our distribution system.

Please do not provide any project-specific information in your submission.  In particular, we are looking for suggested changes to our TIR requirements that can be applied broadly to some or all of the various types of distributed energy resources.

Thank you for taking the time to review our TIR and sharing your expertise with us.

Please submit your suggested changes to our TIR requirements via email to DGConnectionReq@HydroOne.com.

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Technical Interconnection Requirements (TIR) Updates

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Distributed Generation TIR for microFIT

Important information about your generation connection and transformer sizing:

Please review the Technical Interconnection Requirements (TIR) – Micro Generation & Small Generation, 3-phase, less than 30 kW and Generation Transformer Guide. You may incur additional costs for your connection according to your existing transformer size and the amount of generation you propose to install. For more information, please refer to the TIR or contact us.

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