Transmission Confirmation of Verification Evidence Report (COVER)

photo of a transmission tower

As a Transmitter, we have accountability for the safe and reliable operation of the transmission system in Ontario.

Whenever a customer connects, replaces or modifies equipment on the Transmission system we must review the changes to determine if a Design Compatibility Review (DCR) and/or Confirmation of Verification Evidence Report (COVER) are required.

Design Compatibility Review (DCR)

The DCR ensures the customer's new or modified substation design does not adversely impact the existing transmission system and the substation equipment meets minimum requirements. This is accomplished by a review of the customer design and protection documentation.

  • Not all connection projects require a Design Compatibility Review.

  • The need for a Design Compatibility Review is determined once preliminary project information is submitted to the Account Executive.

  • Minimum project information requirements for a preliminary submission should contain a written scope of work together with supporting single line diagrams. (For example, information such as proposed protection schemes and protection settings should be included if applicable).

COVER Report

The COVER Report is a series of industry accepted functional tests performed by the customer during the final commissioning stage of the project. A Cover Coordinator will be assigned to the project to validate form completion and coordinate any Hydro One activity related to the commissioning activity. 

The Tx COVER template contains more details on the stages of the COVER process. Download the blank Tx COVER Report Template.

The COVER Report:
  • Is completed by a professional engineer representing the customer

  • Validates the correct operation of the design or modification relating to the electrical protection and telemetry requirements

  • Validates critical major electrical equipment acceptance checks

  • Confirms ESA approval of the substation project where required

  • Validates the electrical design in accordance with the Transmission System Code

  • Ensures Utility Work Protection Code requirements are met

  • Enables the final approval to energize or re-energize the customer substation.

If you have any questions regarding the Tx COVER Template please contact your account executive or email

Timelines & Costs

  • Reach out to your Account Executive to discuss your project. Your Account Executive will inform you of any cost requirement following a preliminary submission of any new or modified connection project. 

  • In order for Hydro One to recover the costs, an initial Purchase Order of $25,000 will be required. Please note that you will be billed on actual costs.

  • The DCR can take 1 to 2 months after receipt of all required documentation and depending on the complexity of the project. 

  • All information to execute the DCR is required a minimum of 5 months prior to back feed date.

  • The COVER process should be initiated a minimum of 3 months prior to the back feed date.

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