If you are experiencing issues with the Success Factors Recruiting application at jobs.hydroone.com, please review these common errors and how to resolve them.

For issues related to uploading documents

Have you experienced any of the following errors?
  • Document failing to upload as an attachment

  • Receiving error message when attaching documents.

Here are possible solutions to try:
  • Common text documents (e.g. DOC and PDF) generally have few problems. It is recommended that the attached documents be in either of these formats. 

  • The maximum attachment size is 1024 KB (1MB). In order to keep the file size as small as possible, it may be necessary to remove data such as photos or embedded content.

For issues related to system malfunctions

Have you experienced any of the following errors?     
  • Web pages not loading

  • Receiving error messages

  • Buttons not working.

Systems can sometimes malfunction due to user or security settings in your browser. Here are possible solutions to try:
For Internet Explorer

Tools > Internet Options > Delete Temporary Internet Files
Tools > Internet Options > Delete Cookies

For Mozilla Firefox

Tools > Options > Privacy > Show Cookies button > Remove All Cookies

For Google Chrome

Menu > Settings > Clear Browsing Data button > Select: Cookies and other site and plugin data > Select: Cached images and files > Clear Browsing Data button

For Safari

Safari > Preference > Select: Advanced tab > Select: Show Develop menu in menu bar > Develop > Empty Caches

Close all browser windows once these steps have been completed. Re-open the browser, log in to the application, and repeat steps where the error previously occurred.

HINT: Browser add-ons or extensions (e.g. ad-blockers, pop-up blockers and toolbars) may restrict actions. Try disabling add-ons or extensions and re-attempting your action.

Comfortable attempting advanced options?

The following tips are provided for users who may be comfortable in attempting advanced options. We do caution against making changes to your software if you are not authorized to do so, or are not comfortable in making these types of changes.

  • ActiveX Disabled. If you are using Internet Explorer, a common problem is that your browser is not loading the ActiveX upload component, either due to security restrictions or due to a conflict with other software you have installed. Please enable ActiveX.

  • Firewalls, VPN, Proxy Server. You may be trying to access the Success Factors Recruiting application from behind a firewall or via VPN. It is unlikely you will have access to disable the firewall, so a simple option may be to try from a different location or PC, such as a home computer that is not on the same network.  

  • Anti-Virus Software. While we do not recommend disabling anti-virus software for an extended period of time, if you are an advanced user, have authorization and understand the risks, you may want to try disabling the software for the purposes of using the system.

What to do when issues persist?

If the possible solutions listed above fail to resolve the issue(s), please follow these steps:

  1. Take a screen capture and timestamp of the issue. To obtain the timestamp information, click the option "Show Version Information" at the bottom of the page. If the timestamp cannot be taken, please make a note of the exact time and date of the error's occurrence.

  2. Send the screen capture and the timestamp information here. One of our recruiters will respond to either help troubleshoot your issue, or ensure your application is successfully processed.