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Improving reliability for communities across Ontario

Reliable electricity is essential to everyday life. You depend on it for your daily routines, whether it be to cook, shower, work remotely or power digital devices.

In almost every community across the province, we’re actively working to improve access to reliable electricity for homes and businesses and support growth within communities. This helps you stay connected to your loved ones, your community, and your work.

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Benefits to you and your community

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Reduce the impact of power outages for customers.

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Ensure safe and reliable power, today and in the future.

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Support growth in communities across Ontario.

Communities are growing across Ontario

Whether we are upgrading, renewing or strengthening our electricity system, we are helping to build neighbourhoods across our growing province.

We do this by engaging with community members so that local feedback is considered as we prepare the system for your evolving needs, while caring for the environment.

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What we are building in central Ontario

Improving restoration times

Orillia, ON

Orillia, the Sunshine City, has a bright future with growing energy needs. With new local businesses in town and thriving education and healthcare sectors, it’s a beautiful place to call home.

We’ve increased access to reliable electricity by enhancing our operations and service that will improve restoration times for customers throughout the central region of Ontario.

We continue to build new infrastructure in town that brings economic benefits to the area, including creating new jobs locally.

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See how we are supporting the growing community of Orillia
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Improving quality of life

Almaguin Highlands, ON

Moving from the big city to the heavily wooded region of the Almaguin Highlands, Sandy knows how fast life grinds to a halt when the power goes out. Experiencing more than 50 hours of outages in a year, Sandy speaks to the impact the new technologies we're installing have had in improving the quality of life for her and her community.

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See the impact of new technologies
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Upgrading infrastructure

Barrie, ON

Expected Completion: 2024

As demand for electricity in Barrie and surrounding area continues to grow significantly, we are upgrading aging transmission infrastructure to ensure safe and reliable supply of electricity to the region.

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Essential upgrades

Toronto, ON

Expected Completion: 2026

The essential upgrades in the downtown core will provide clean energy to some of Toronto's most critical institutions, including Hospital Row, City Hall and the Financial District. Our work includes a new tunnel 85ft below the city that will house critical, upgraded power lines that improve reliability for customers.

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Economic growth

Etobicoke, ON

Expected Completion: 2026

To support economic growth, we are bringing an additional 300 megawatts of clean energy to west and central Toronto, which is enough to power a city the size of Burlington. We are also creating a new community green space.

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What we are building in northern Ontario

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Learn about the hope that partnership builds
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City of Kenora

What we are building in southern Ontario

Improving reliability

Niagara Region, ON

With local businesses growing and new subdivisions coming to the area, the community needs more access to safe and reliable electricity.

A new power line in Pelham will improve reliability and the quality of power delivered to homes and businesses in the area for years to come. This will also help the region remain an attractive place to invest, live and work.

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Learn how we are supporting Niagara Region communities
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Serving the community

Orangeville, ON

Renewal of critical infrastructure equipment will support the area's most critical institutions to continue serving the community, including Orangeville Hydro, Orangeville and Caledon Town Halls and Headwaters Health Care Centre.

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A growing region

Chatham-Kent, ON

By 2035, the demand for electricity in Chatham-Kent is expected to quadruple. A new transmission line is being built between Chatham and Lakeshore and will provide more clean electricity to the region — which is enough power to supply a city the size of Windsor. This is part of a network of five new lines being built across southwest Ontario to support the agri-foods and manufacturing sectors, and will enable opportunities for businesses to expand, creating new jobs for residents in the region.

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Hear from the community about their growing needs
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Powering everyday lives

Thorold, ON

Tyler is our Utility Trades Supervisor in the Thorold Lincoln, Niagara area. Growing up in a family of public service, he is dedicated to supporting his community with the electricity they need to power their everyday lives. Learn about the system upgrades Tyler is excited for today and in the future.

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Learn about system upgrades that create a brighter future
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Powering essential services

Woodstock, ON

Perry, Chris, Ian and the Woodstock Hospital's team of over 900 healthcare professionals are committed to delivering the highest standards of patient care. Serving over 110,000 people in Oxford County, learn how access to reliable electricity is essential in ensuring patients, families and staff feel safe, comfortable and connected.

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Hear about how important electricity is for our healthcare
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What we are building in eastern Ontario

Future growth

Ottawa, ON

Our nation’s capital is growing fast which means the community’s demand for energy increases too.

We are working in your neighbourhood to proactively upgrade and strengthen the Greater Ottawa Area’s electricity system, to prepare the community for this future growth.

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Hear from residents on their hopes for the future
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Improving reliability

Ottawa, ON

Completed: 2021

With the expected economic and residential growth in Ottawa, we replaced aging infrastructure and upgraded five new transformers to improve reliability to the region.

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Increasing capacity

Ottawa to Nepean, ON

Completed: 2023

With energy needs growing in the Ottawa area, we increased the electrical capacity of power lines by 66% to provide a reliable supply of electricity.

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Modernizing infrastructure

Nepean, ON

Expected Completion: 2028

We are upgrading one of two major transformer stations that supply approximately 60% of power to customers across Ottawa. It is about 50 years old now and is being modernized to continue to provide reliable power in the region.

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Community Investment at Hydro One

We’re committed to supporting Ontario organizations and communities by funding projects that focus on the physical, psychological and emotional safety of Ontarians.

Giving Back
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Sustainability at Hydro One

Hydro One is committed to being an industry leader in sustainability and understand that our long-term performance depends on incorporating sustainability into all aspects of our business.

Sustainability Report
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System projects in Ontario

Every power line connects to people, businesses, and neighborhoods across the province. We are actively working in almost every community across the province to expand and upgrade the electricity system.

Major Projects