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  • Solid State vs Electromechanical
    Solid State
  • Robust Testing
    Robust Testing
  • Meter Safety
Solid State vs Electromechanical

Like the gauges in your car and the scales at the grocery store, electricity meters have gone digital. Unlike the electromechanical meters of yesterday that simply counted how much electricity was used, today’s meter is a powerful, linked communications device that enables a whole range of services including Time-of-Use pricing, bill alerts, demand management, and many conservation programs.


All of the meters we use are approved and tested to Measurement Canada standards before we install them.

Meter Safety

We use leading edge technology to ensure our meters are precise and accurate.

The meters we use are safe and reliable and operate within all guidelines set by Health Canada and the Electrical Safety Authority. Our Smart Metering system makes use of low power radiofrequency (RF) transmitters to communicate meter readings. Weak RF fields in the range of 2.4 GHz are produced during the system's normal operation. 

These fields comply with Health Canada guidelines by a very wide margin ranging from hundreds to thousands of times less than Health Canada limits.