What are Smart Meters? 

Smart meters are digital electricity meters that are able to measure how much electricity is used and when it is used. Smart meters then store and send this data over a wireless network to a central repository to allow for pricing plans like Time-of-Use.

What are Smart Meters?

Why Did Hydro One Install Smart Meters?

Like all other Local Distribution Companies (LDCs) in the Province, Hydro One was mandated by the Ontario Energy Board to install smart meters for its customers to enable Time-of-Use billing.

Why Did Hydro One Install Smart Meters?

How Smart Meters Work

Meters Collect the Data

Every day, your smart meter is measuring and storing how much electricity is being used. This information is available to you the following day through myAccount.

Meters Transmit the Data

Meters send the data back through our network, which is then verified by the Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO) before being used to create your bill. To learn more about the how the IESO collects and audits Time-of-Use data for LDCs please visit their company website.

How Smart Meters Benefit You

Monitor your electricity usage

You can track your usage online and take steps to manage your bill.

Reduce Waste

By using online tools you will be able to see how much electricity is flowing to your property. If that property is a cottage that is supposed to be shut down for the winter, it can save you big money. 

High Usage Alerts

If you sign up for High Usage Alerts, we will let you know if something has really changed with how much power you are using...before we send you a bill!