Without power? Call us 24/7 at 1-800-434-1235 or report an outage online.

We know power outages can be disruptive. Our team works hard to prevent them but they can still happen now and again.

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Find out when the power is out

Find out when the power is out

Outage Alerts can help you plan

Outage Alerts can help you plan

Outage Alerts are customizable

Outage Alerts are customizable

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Here's what you benefit from when you sign up for outage alerts

We know power outages can be disruptive. Our Outage Alerts give you the information you need to plan around them. You’ll also be able to report an outage by text! When you sign up to receive Outage Alerts by text or email, we’ll let you know:

  • 1. When the power is out

    We’ll send you an Outage Alert as soon as we know of a power outage in your area. As our crews respond to the outage, we’ll provide further information. In addition to our Outage Alerts, you can also use our interactive Outage Map to view outages in your area.

  • 2. When we have updates

    We’ll send you updates throughout the power outage. Our alerts will include any information available on the cause of the outage, the areas affected, and an estimated time of restoration to help you plan.

  • 3. When the power has been restored

    We’ll let you know as soon as power has been restored in your area. If you’re still experiencing issues, please call our 1-800-434-1235 for more information. That’s our power outages and emergencies line, and we’re here to help 24/7.

    You can also let us know if your power is out by texting 'OUT' to 92887 (WATTS) and follow the prompts to report your outage. Standard messaging and data rates may apply. Once you’ve reported your outage, you’ll receive an estimated time of restoration along with any other updates.

Icon of a customized outage alert robot

Outage Alerts are completely customizable

Text alert message
Text alert message

Prefer to read about outages via email or text? It’s entirely up to you!
To manage your preferences, log in to myAccount or text one of the commands below to WATTS (92887):

OUT Reports a power outage to Hydro One.
HELP Displays this web page for more information about the program.
INFO Displays this web page for more help.
PAU Temporarily pauses delivery of outage alert messages.
RES Resumes delivery of outage alert messages to your phone.
STOP Unsubscribes you from receiving outage alert messages.

In the event you have multiple Hydro One accounts, a subsequent text message will list your account numbers with corresponding letters (e.g. a, b, c). To choose which account you want to customize, respond with the letter of the account listed OR choose "ALL" by responding with an 'A'.

a person holding a phone - the photo is zoomed in on the phone displaying the Hydro One outage map

Outage information at your finger tips

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