Here are our top pumps and septic management tips:

Pump Management Tips
  • Make sure you have the right size pump; larger pumps can fill your pressure tank faster but use more power

  • If you have a pressure tank as part of the water system, make sure it is in good repair and at the right pressure. This will help prevent the pump from running more often than necessary

  • Be sure to check the pressure switch to prevent over-cycling of your pump

  • Consider integrating a water storage tank as part of your well water system; this can be set to fill during off-peak hours, saving you money during the day

  • Where possible, buy the best pump you can to ensure efficiency and quality

  • Be conscious of water-use activities and how they can affect your usage, for example, running water while brushing your teeth wastes water and uses electricity if you have a well pump

Septic Management Tips
  • If you have a septic ejector, make sure the float is set to run the least amount of time possible

  • Keep your system in good shape by not flushing harsh chemicals or wastes into the system

  • Make sure you know whether you have a grey water septic in addition to a waste septic; you may be able to divert waste water more appropriately

  • Work with a septic service professional to conduct a septic system inspection at least every three to five years

  • Commit to using water efficiently; water conservation improves septic operation and longevity