Education and Awareness

WTTE works to promote technical jobs and careers inside and outside Hydro One through education and information. This includes recognizing and addressing the needs and concerns of women employees as they relate to Hydro One's workplace and business.

Course Offerings

Hydro One has been involved in several courses and developmental workshops that focus on balance in and out of the workplace. For more information for any of these courses, please view the 2022 training schedule and discuss with your manager/supervisor. Below are a few examples of courses offered in the past.

Building Resilience

Thriving in a 24/7 World: This workshop helps participants learn, practice, and master the resilience toolkit used by elite performers in sport and business to excel under pressure and recover from setbacks. Building Resilience is aimed at giving participants an advantage on the journey from where they are (as laid out via the Resiliency Map self-assessment that is written during the workshop) to where they are going (their vision). They learn skills for maintaining an optimistic and healthy perspective through difficult times, methods for managing and sustaining energy for optimal performance, how to access and use mental imagery to enhance resilience and a strategy to remain engaged during challenges. These inner skills transform the stress and pressure inherent in moving forward into a growth experience

Business Writing

This workshop is ideal for people who need to communicate effectively with customers, clients or other business partners, and for those who have to communicate clearly and persuasively with colleagues in order to move projects forward.

Making Meetings Work 

Our work involves collaborating with others and that collaboration often occurs in meetings. Whether you lead or participate in them, we can all benefit from learning how to make our meetings more effective. This workshop will provide participants with best practices for productive meetings and strategies for implementing them in meetings. Participants will have the opportunity to assess their meeting practices and pinpoint areas for change.

Presenting to Groups

This workshop is designed for people who already have some experience delivering business presentations. It is suitable for people who give informal presentations to small groups as well as for those who are required to address larger audiences.

Volunteer Opportunities

Hydro One’s Community Investment Program has partnerships with a number of organizations which are often looking for volunteers.  With our focus on energy education, there is a wide variety of opportunities to choose from.  Volunteering is a great way to network both inside and outside Hydro One, develop new skills, and add to your work-life balance, and perhaps make a difference in a young woman’s life who is considering a career in the utility industry.  Below is a listing of some of the programs and organizations where Hydro One has an ongoing relationship. If you are interested in a specific opportunity or want to be added to a database and contacted when opportunities do arise, please contact

If you are interested in any of these opportunities below, please fill out the volunteer form.

Hydro One Women in Engineering University Partnership

Working together with Western, Waterloo, Ryerson and UOIT, programs are being developed to encourage young women to enter engineering at the partner universities, provide support for undergraduates, and develop early career support. Opportunities exist for Hydro One women engineers to participate as mentors at the four institutions. 

Opportunity: Mentors

Skills Canada – Ontario

Hydro One supports Skills Canada-Ontario’s summer day camp program for Grade 7&8 students, as well as their “ Skills Work” Networking dinners for high school girls considering entering trades or technology. For more information, please visit the website: Skills Canada-Ontario  

Opportunities:  Speakers or workshop presenters at the summer day camps

Mentors to attend the Skills Work Networking Dinners (held in the fall)

Ontario Engineering Competition

Each year, Hydro One sponsors the Ontario Engineering Competition.  Part of the sponsorship includes providing 3 judges for the event.  In 2014, the event will be held from January 30 to February 2 at UOIT. 

Opportunities:  Three judges for 2014 Ontario Engineering Competition


Held at every university in Ontario that has an engineering program, GO ENG Girl is a one day event for Grade 11 students and their parents. The program is designed to encourage the girls to consider engineering as an option when planning for their university education. 

Opportunities: Speakers, panelists, assisting with a demonstration and/or workshop.

GO code GIRL

Provides an exciting opportunity for girls in grades ranging from 7 to 11 across Ontario to learn about the exciting world of coding and software development, and discover opportunities in computing and engineering fields. 

Other Opportunities

From time to time, we get requests for Hydro One women to attend conference, seminars and related events. In addition, there are internal opportunities as well.

Examples include:

  • Judging high school science fairs

  • Sitting on a not-for-profit Board of Directors

  • Judging science/engineering competitions

  • Mentoring a new/junior employee

  • Mentoring a student in your occupation area

  • Networking events for students

  • Speaking engagements (WTTE, Work/Life Balance etc.)

  • Tutoring a student through an organized program

  • Other