The Final Environmental Study Report is now available. Learn more.
To support the growing electricity needs of Southwestern Ontario, Hydro One is working to ensure a safe and reliable power supply to the region.

Under the advisement of the Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO), Hydro One is undertaking a Class Environmental Assessment (EA) to construct a new Transformer Station (TS), which will also include new 230 kV switching equipment, in the Town of Lakeshore.

The new Lakeshore TS is needed to meet the immediate electricity needs of Essex County, and this project will help in meeting the growing demand. The switching facilities and transformers will increase the capability of the existing 230kV transmission system.

Class Environmental Assessment (EA)

The Lakeshore Transmission Stations Project was subject to the Class Environmental Assessment for Minor Transmission Facilities (2022), in accordance with the Ontario Environmental Assessment Act. In 2019, Hydro One held two Community Information Centres (CICs) to provide the public with information on the project, including the Class EA process, study area, and the various alternatives for the new transformer stations. Based on research and consultation conducted to date, the preferred alternative for the project has been selected, which consists of a high-voltage switching station (SS) and a separate transformer station (TS). The maps below show the preferred alternative and conceptual site layout plan for the project.

Map of the Preferred Lakeshore Transmission Stations Site and Project Study Area
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Map of preferred alternative site for the Lakeshore stations project
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Conceptual site layout plan for the Lakeshore stations project
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Consultation with elected officials, municipal representatives, government agencies, Indigenous communities, interest groups and the public is an important part of the Class EA process. As a part of the consultation process, the draft ESR was available for a 30-day review and comment period. Details of the review process were communicated through various channels, including local newspaper ads, this project website, and via notifications to project stakeholders. The Final Environmental Study Report for the project is now available below.

Download the Final ESR 

Download the Final ESR

Public Consultation Events

Hydro One hosted Community Information Centre meetings in June and October 2019 where members of the public were invited to learn more about the Lakeshore Transmission Stations Project. Members of our project team were available at the meetings to provide information, answer any questions and take feedback. View informational panels and maps presented at the meetings below.

Community Inform​ation Centre 2
October 1, 2019 (5-8 PM)

Comber & District Community Centre
6211 McAllaster Street, Comber, ON
Read the CIC 2 Community Notice and Ad
Read the CIC 2 Information Panels
View map of the preferred alternative for the transmission stations.

Community Information Centre 1
June 26, 2019 (5–8 PM)

Comber & District Community Centre
6211 McAllaster Street, Comber, ON
Read the CIC 1 Community Notice
Read the CIC 1 Information Panels
View the Site Map #1
View map of the alternatives for the transmission stations.

In addition to organized consultation opportunities, Hydro One welcomes input at any time throughout the project. Please see our contact information below.

Anticipated Project Timeline

  • JUNE2019
  • Notice of Commencement and first CIC

  • FALL2019
  • Second CIC and release of draft Environmental Study Report for 30-day review

  • JAN2020
  • Submission of the final ESR and completion of the Class EA

  • MID2020
  • Proposed construction start

  • END
  • ​Proposed construction completion

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