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September 18, 2023

Painting a Brighter Future for Sudbury Residents

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Greater Sudbury, ON

Watch the video to see how Live Love Louder, an Energizing Life recipient, is beautifying the city of Sudbury through impactful local mural projects.

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With a splash of colour, some thoughtful design and a little elbow grease, ordinary city spaces are being transformed into vibrant local masterpieces for Sudbury residents to enjoy while they live, work and play. Art serves as a tool for self-expression, empowering us to explore undiscovered passions while creating a calm, safe space around us.

Live Love Louder, a non-profit organization, is facilitating local art mural projects in the Greater Sudbury region. Through the organization’s creative initiatives, all residents are encouraged to roll up their sleeves and get involved. Sudburians are invited to propose future mural locations, submit their own artwork and provide support during the design process. Volunteers of all ages are welcome to join each project and become an integral part of bringing works of art to life, from the planning phases to the final productions.

“Live Love Louder provides individuals an opportunity to share their community vision, actively engages participants regardless of age or ability, and promotes a sense of achievement for shared accomplishments. We empower residents to reclaim communal spaces by creating murals and interactive games that reflect the people who live there.”
Photo of Wallace Gillard
Wallace Gillard,
Executive Director, Live Love Louder

With support from the Energizing Life Community Fund, Live Love Louder is extending Community Mural Initiatives across the region to further their impactful work for building creative connections. The collaboration between local artists and volunteers fosters a collective ownership which allows residents to express themselves while feeling invested in their community. As a result, individuals from both sides walk away from this experience with a stronger sense of hometown pride.

Looking to get creative?

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Here are some cost-effective ways to express yourself:

  • Write away: Whether it’s through poetry, short stories or lyrics, the art of literature continues to be a cathartic way to strengthen your imagination and tap into your subconscious mind.

  • Craft corner: Activities like knitting, crocheting and pottery are enjoyable forms of self-expression that keep your hands productive and your mind engaged.

  • Bust a move: Dancing is a fantastic activity to help you release your inhibitions and embrace the music around you. It’s also a fun way to incorporate physical movement into your everyday self-care routine.

  • Brush of inspiration: Painting allows you to escape and lose yourself in the rhythmic movement of each brush stroke, quieting all outside noise. Whether you’re using acrylic, oil or watercolour paints, seeing your vision come to life is a fulfilling process that increases your confidence in your own abilities. What’s more, your art will show others your unique perspective of the world around you.

  • Snap a shot: A picture really is worth a thousand words. The art of photography is an effective way of using diverse compositions and subject matter to help narrate a captivating moment in time.

  • Play that funky music: Whether it’s the drums, guitar, bass, violin or flute, playing an instrument helps improve hand-eye coordination and provides many cognitive benefits. Not to mention, learning your favourite song will give you a huge sense of accomplishment — and bragging rights!

  • Get involved: Explore local art community projects for a chance to be part of something bigger while connecting with like-minded individuals. For volunteer opportunities in the Greater Sudbury region, email Live Love Louder at

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Visiting Sudbury soon?

Be sure to check out Live Love Louder’s murals while exploring the city.

See all mural locations

Watch the video to see how local artist Raven Debassige and
Live Love Louder are adding colour to the Sudbury community.

For more information on Live Love Louder, visit

Live Love Louder: (705) 207-7920

The Energizing Life Community Fund

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