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May 29, 2024

Connecting Sudbury to love, hope and colour

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Greater Sudbury, ON

Live Love Louder, an Energizing Life recipient, is beautifying the city of Sudbury through impactful local mural projects.

"This is the only thing my child has that can't be broken, stolen or taken away," says a Sudbury resident, their voice echoing in the colourful murals that now grace their once-neglected public housing complex. It speaks to the healing power of art being created by the Sudbury-based non-profit organization Live Love Louder (L3). We've shared L3's story before as a past recipient of the Energizing Life Community Fund, and as their brush continues to paint a brighter future for the children in their local community, it's a story worth revisiting.

In the past year, they've expanded their reach significantly. Wallace R. Gillard, executive director, L3 highlights, "We have been able to expand operations to reach more Sudbury residents than ever before." This has brought a wave of positive change, with residents actively participating in beautifying their surroundings.

The team continues to work actively to add colour and hope to public housing areas once marred by debris and negativity. Today, these spaces pulsate with life, adorned with interactive games, positive affirmations, and murals reflecting the vibrant spirit of the residents.

children painting pictures together on a table outdoors

As one resident shared, "We didn't know how important simple lines and colours were in inspiring play for our kids. I had no idea how badly we needed this."

The benefits extend far beyond beautification. Art, in its various forms, has a well-documented ability to heal. For many residents, particularly those who experience social isolation, these projects provide a much-needed outlet for self-expression and connection. Witnessing the creation of these murals fosters a sense of community ownership, replacing feelings of alienation with a sense of belonging.

Take Raven Debassige, a fine arts graduate who once battled social anxiety. L3 offered her more than just a job she would fall in love with; it provided a supportive environment where she could blossom.

Within two years, Raven's confidence soared. She transformed not only into a sought-after Indigenous artist but also an arts director for a local First Nations organization. Her story is a testament to the power of art to empower individuals and bridge social divides.

True transformation requires a collective effort. L3’s projects actively engage residents of all ages - from brainstorming ideas and proposing locations to participating in the design and painting process, everyone has a role to play. This collaborative spirit fosters a sense of camaraderie, replacing social isolation with a network of support.

children painting pictures together on a table outdoors

Looking ahead, Live Love Louder's brush gleams with potential. They're eager to partner with new communities like the Rainbow District School Board and the Children's Aid Society.

L3’s story isn't just about aesthetics; it's about the power of local community, volunteerism, and simple connections that can leave a lasting impact.

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