Customer request to hold a pole

When conducting construction work at home or at your business, you may need to excavate land in close proximity to one of our poles. In this instance, you must contact us to hold the pole while you conduct your work. To request this service, please contact us.

 Steps to have Hydro One hold a pole
  1. Contact us to request a pole hold.

  2. Requests from The Road Authority or the Ministry of Transportation must be received in writing as per the Highway Public Services Works on Highways Act and MTO Corridor Manual, respectively.

  3. A technician may be required to visit your work site for an initial assessment. This assessment is conducted to determine the equipment and labour required to conduct the pole hold.

  4. Our technician and field team will determine the cost of the pole hold. A contract outlining terms and conditions and pricing will be provided to you.

  5. Review the terms of the work and return the signed contract along with a 50% deposit of the total cost. Payment can be made at one of our Field Business Centers or by mail with a cheque or credit card.

  6. Our field team will conduct the work.

  7. You pay the remaining balance upon completion of the work.

Electrical incidents occur when workers do not take the necessary precautions around electrical equipment. For more information about electrical safety, see our Working Safe Around the Lines page.