Customer Requested Line Cover-up

Customers and contractors conducting work in the vicinity of power lines may be required to cover-up those lines in order to conduct work safely. To determine if power lines are owned by Hydro One or to request service please contact us.  


Steps to have a line covered-up
  1. Contact us to request a line cover-up.

  2. A technician may be required to visit your site for an initial assessment. This assessment is conducted to determine the equipment and labour required to conduct the line cover-up.

  3. Our team develops a contract outlining scope of work, timeline, and cost.

  4. Review the terms of the work and return the signed contract along with your payment. Payment can be made at one of our Field Business Centers or by mail with a cheque or credit card.

  5. Our field team initiates the line cover-up using fibreglass materials. The line cover-up may not exceed 70 metres on either side of the work location.

  6. The maximum duration of a line cover-up is 30 days. At the completion of your work, or the 30-day limit, our team will remove the line cover-up.

Electrical incidents occur when workers do not take the necessary precautions around electrical equipment. For more information about electrical safety, see our Working Safe Around the Lines page.