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Home Assistance Program

Find out if you qualify for free energy-saving upgrades, from light bulbs to appliances. 
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New Home

Before you buy a new home, learn why it pays to invest in energy efficiency. 
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Heating & Cooling Incentives

Up to $5,800 in heating and cooling rebates. 
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Heat Pumps

Electrically-heated home? Get rebates up to $5,800 to upgrade to an air-source heat pump and save up to 50% on your heating costs.
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First Nations  Program

Free energy-saving upgrades for homes in participating First Nations communities. 
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Phantom Power

Learn how to trim up to 10% off your energy use the quick and easy way.
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Home Lighting

Compare bulbs, learn how to pick the right bulb for your fixture and more.
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Home Heating

Essential tips and checklists to help you heat your home more efficiently.
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Home Cooling

Stay comfortable while controlling costs with these tips, rebates and checklists.
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Heating & Cooling Incentives

Did you know that up to 65% of your home’s energy use goes to heating and cooling?

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peaksaver PLUS®

Thank you for participating in peaksaver PLUS®. The program closed on December 31, 2017.

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Home Energy Dashboard

A limited participation program based on eligibility. 

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