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Top places to cut energy leaks

Did you know that a whopping 75% of the electricity used by your home electronics is consumed while they are turned off? This standby or "phantom" power accounts for up to 10% of your home's electricity use, so it makes sense to stop the leaks.

If a device uses a remote control or has an LED display, digital screen or a battery charger, there is a good chance that it is draining energy. We will show you the top places to fight the phantoms at home.

Smart ways to save in every room

Explore the house, room by room, to find culprits of phantom power and tips you can implement to save electricity.



What should I look for in an advanced power bar?

Remote control power bar

Allows you to shut off the power bar with a remote control switch.​

Useful for: Crowded, hard to reach areas (home office, entertainment systems).​

Power bar with timer

Automatically turns power bars on and off at set times.​

Useful for: Charging stations, or floor lamps (particularly when away).​

Power bar with auto-shutoff

Detects when one “main” device is not in use, then shuts off power to the other devices plugged into the power bar.​

Useful for: Entertainment systems, home offices, game consoles.​

Power bar with “hot” outlet

Many power bars include one or two “always on” outlets for any device you need to leave on.​

Useful for: PVRs, Internet routers.

Power bar with motion sensor​

This power bar detects movement to switch off automatically when you leave the room – and switch on when you arrive.​

Useful for: Lights, home offices.​

Power bar with infra-red (IR) sensors​

Automatically cuts power to the device if the remote has not been active for a certain period of time.​

Useful for: Game consoles.​