We own and operate an essential energy infrastructure that powers Canada’s biggest and most diverse provincial economy. Learn more about our senior leadership, corporate structure and ongoing projects:
image of a Hydro One forestry management worker carrying equipment down a transmission right-of-way

Vegetation Management

Trees and other vegetation can cause power outages if not properly managed. Learn about the vegetation management practices we employ to help prevent power outages and keep you safe.

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Image of two Hydro One workers at the top of a transmission towers

Our Major Projects

We are in your community. Learn more about our major projects, our planning process and what we are doing to consult our customers every step of the way.

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Image of a tree-lined river in the far north of Ontario

Our Regional Planning

Our regional planning process is designed to ensure Ontario has a reliable electricity supply. Learn more about our process and regional plans here.

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Close-up image of a Hydro One logo patch on a jacket

Senior Leadership

Our senior leadership team brings together the perspectives and experiences of many fields. Get to know the team and learn about their qualifications here.

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birds-eye-view image of a boardroom table

Corporate Governance

Interested in how our company works? Read about our corporate governance structure and learn about the people on our Board of Directors here.

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image of transmission towers at sunset

Our Subsidiaries

We own and operate a number of subsidiaries that provide essential services to Ontarians. Learn more about our subsidiaries here.

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image of Hydro One crews preparing to go to Florida after Hurricane Irma

Our Stories

​We are bringing stories about our customers, our communities, and our employees to life. Read about our people and their stories here.

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