Business Opportunities

We believe in creating strong partnerships and opportunities to work together.
photo of a Hydro One truck in front of an Indigenous-owned business

Hydro One is committed to developing and maintaining relationships with Indigenous peoples that demonstrate mutual respect for one another while supporting procurement opportunities for qualified Indigenous businesses and the development and viability of Indigenous contractors who can provide goods and services to Hydro One.

Please view our purchasing policy and links to additional resources below.


Hydro One's Purchasing Policy and Principles

Hydro One purchases the materials and services that it uses in its work of providing power across Ontario in adherence to the following principles:


1. Financial Stewardship

  • Utilizing a value-for-money approach to source materials and services. 

2. Supplier Relationships

  • Ensuring that materials and services are acquired from qualified Suppliers by establishing consistent expectations for working with Suppliers that enhance relationships and the value-for-money proposition.

3. Health, Safety & Environmental and Corporate Social Responsibility

  • Considering responsible ways for sourcing from businesses which conduct operations in a socially responsible manner in accordance with good environmental, health, safety and corporate social responsibility practices.

4. Indigenous Procurement

  • Developing and maintaining relationships with First Nations & Métis peoples that demonstrate mutual respect for one another.

  • Encouraging the development and viability of qualified First Nations & Métis businesses and identifying contracting opportunities, conducting workshops and promotion of business networking within the First Nations & Métis communities.


Hydro One purchases a variety of materials and services across ontario, including:
  1. Heavy duty equipment with or without operators (floats, trucks, backhoes, cranes, etc.)

  2. Construction services and materials including aggregate, concrete, fencing, pole digging and rock drilling services

  3. Forestry/vegetation management services

  4. Electrical equipment

  5. Security Services

  6. IT Software and Hardware.

​If you'd like to do business with us, please visit our Suppliers page. There, you can register as a supplier and also sign up to be in our Indigenous Business Directory (IBD). For more information on how to use the bidding system, read Procurement at Hydro One, A Guide for Indigenous Businesses.

As a part of the directory, your company will gain exposure to other suppliers who may wish to partner with an Indigenous business like yours. If your business is eligible under the Canadian government’s Procurement Strategy for Aboriginal Business (PSAB) you're encouraged to also register with the Federal Government’s National Aboriginal Business Directory (ABD).