Important Information for Micro-Embedded Generators

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​Important Notes for microFIT and Net Metering Customers 10 kW or Less:

Streamlined Services now in effect for MicroFIT and Net Metering customers 10 kW or less: ​On November 28, 2016 we consolidated two teams into one to serve you better​. This means the original team that helped connect your MicroFIT​ ​​or Net Metering account/project will continue to assist you with any customer service needs after your project is connected.

Distribution Generation Department for microFIT and Net Metering Customers ​


Phone Inquiries: 1-877-447-4412 

Original signed copies required for all submissions​: Effective November 20, 2015, our requirements for successful Micro-Embedded Generation applications have changed. Customers who receive an Offer to Connect from our team are now required to submit original signed copies of their documents by mail only. Electronic copies will not be accepted. Please read the bulletin for more information.

Note regarding incurring costs: Applicants submitting a Micro-Generation Connection Application (Form C) may or may not receive an Offer to Connect from our team. Applicants who incur costs related to their proposed project without an Offer to Connect in their possession incur those costs at their own risk.

For information on Net Metering, please click 

Distributed Generation TIR for microFIT PDF

Important information about your generation connection and transformer sizing:

Please review the Technical Interconnection Requirements (TIR) – Micro Generation & Small Generation, 3-phase, less than 30 kW and Generation Transformer Guide. You may incur additional costs for your connection according to your existing transformer size and the amount of generation you propose to install. For more information, please refer to the TIR or contact us.

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