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Balanced Energy Costs

Balanced energy costs

Your electricity use can change from season to season. When you sign up for Budget Billing, a monthly payment amount will be set based on the historical electricity usage at your property. Your bill will show you how much you have paid versus how much you owe for electricity charges over time.

Payment Adjust to Usage

Adjusts at 6 and 9 months

At 6 and 9 months from when you started your Budget Billing plan, your monthly payment amount will be assessed and may change to ensure you are not paying too little or too much toward your annual electricity costs.

Reconcile on Month 12

Reconcile on month 12

At 12 months your Budget Billing plan will be reconciled with any outstanding charges or credits applied to your account. The next annual cycle will then begin automatically. If this plan sounds right for you, please sign up in myAccount today.

How does Budget Billing work?

  • Step 1

  • Sign up for Budget Billing when you sign into 
    myAccount and a monthly payment amount will be set based on the historical electricity usage at your property.

  • Step 2

  • At 6 months from when you signed up for Budget Billing, we will assess your monthly payment amount and make any necessary adjustments to keep you on track for the year

  • Step 3

  • At 9 months, we will complete a second assessment and make any necessary adjustments to your monthly payment amount.

  • Step 4

  • 12 months from when you started your Budget Billing plan, we will reconcile your account and apply any applicable charges or credits. Any charges will be due with your next month’s bill and you will be automatically enrolled for the next 12 months.

Case Studies

Image of a woman sitting down looking at her tablet

Martha's Story

“I have been on budget billing for years and it has worked very well. What I really noticed was when my kids moved out of the house, my monthly amount was adjusted to reflect my decreased consumption due to all the devices that were no longer plugged in, video game consoles that moved out and televisions that were no longer always on!”

Image of a man working on a laptop computer

Jimmy's Story

“I am on a fixed income and electricity bills really go up in the winter because I use electric heat, but they are fairly low during the summer. With budget billing my monthly amount stays affordable.”

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Summary Billing

Save time, and stay organized. With Summary Billing, we will update your myAccount with one bill to summarize all of your accounts with us.

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Pre-Authorized Payments

Make bill payments easier. It's fast, secure and reliable. Pay directly from your bank, and avoid late fees.

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Financial Assistance

If you need help paying your electricity bill, we may be able to help. Learn more about our various Financial Assistance programs here.

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