Summary Billing

With Summary Billing, you no longer have to make multiple payments for multiple accounts. The summary bill will provide you with one combined cost for your accounts and you will only need to make a single payment.

How It Works

Save time and stay organized

Save Time &
Admin Costs

We know you have better things to do than spending time trying to consolidate bills for multiple accounts. That is why we do it for you with Summary Billing. With Summary Billing, we make a detailed statement available for you online through myAccount.

Multiple bills in one place 

One payment,
multiple bills

Every billing period, we will update your myAccount with one bill to summarize all of your accounts with us. In addition to your Summary Bill, you will also receive one bill per account so you can see usage and billing information by property or meter.

Access individual bills as needed 

Who is

Summary Billing is available for customers with four or more accounts under the same name. When your bill is ready for review, you simply click on the link, log in to myAccount, and view your summary bill and account bills in one place.

To get started, please email us or apply online.

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Effortlessly keep your books straight

Tanya Keller and her family own five rental cottages in the Haliburton area and they use Summary Billing to keep things simple.

"It is a lot easier to keep our books straight with everything in one place. We can still analyze energy use at each individual cottage but when it comes time to do our taxes, we have all of our costs together as one.”​​​​​​​​​​​​

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