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Damage Claims

We know property damage can be stressful, but reporting your claims shouldn't be.
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Hydro One is committed to providing our customers with safe and reliable power. Like every other electric utility in Ontario, Hydro One cannot guarantee an uninterrupted supply of electricity, and there are times when power outages or surges may occur, causing loss or damage to property.

Many of these cases are due to severe weather, wildlife, accidents or other causes beyond our control. Hydro One is not liable for damages from these causes. If the damage resulted from Hydro One's negligence, you may be eligible for compensation.

Reporting damage to your insurance company

If you have auto or property insurance, consider contacting your broker or agent to find out if your policy covers the damage.


Common causes that aren't eligible

Damage claims resulting from these events are typically not eligible for compensation from Hydro One:

icon: severe weather


icon: wind blowing tree onto house

Fallen trees
or branches

icon: racoon

Animal contact
with equipment

icon: car hitting a utility pole

Motor vehicle
accidents with poles

icon: broken electrical equipment

equipment failure

icon: voltage change warning


icon: no power

Power interruptions
caused by MVAs

icon: coins and a profit arrow pointing down

Loss of profits/revenues
due to business interruptions

Please refer to the OEB's Distribution System Code and Hydro One's Conditions of Service (Section 1.9) for more details.

About voltage disturbances

Voltage fluctuations are power quality disturbances that can be caused by external factors affecting the power system, such as storms, or by your home's electrical installation.

icon of a computer with an electricity symbol on it
Common Symptoms

Have you noticed your lights flickering? Voltage disturbances may affect some of your more sensitive electronic equipment, such as CD and DVD players, televisions and computers. While Hydro One operates and maintains the power system to exacting standards, voltage variations cannot always be avoided. Protecting your electric and electronic devices is your responsibility.

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Potential Solutions

If you experience major and repeated voltage disturbances, contact us at 1-800-434-1235. After reviewing the situation, the Hydro One representative may ask you to have a master electrician check your installation. You can find out more about your rights and obligations and those of Hydro One in the Conditions of Service.

Six tips to protect your home or business

Protect your property from power surges with these simple tips:

  • 1

  • Unplug valuable electronics

    If severe weather is in the forecast, unplug what you can.

  • 2

  • Limit the number of devices connected to a single outlet

    Avoid overloading electrical outlets, especially in older homes. Only one major appliance should be plugged into an outlet.

  • 3

  • Always use a surge protector

    Plug sensitive or valuable electronics such as HDTVs and computers into a surge protector. Not all surge protectors are created equal – be sure to choose the right level of protection for your needs. Consider ‘whole home’ surge protectors that can be installed on your panel.

  • 4

  • Unplug any additional equipment not in use

    Even turned off, electronics are still vulnerable to power surges if they're plugged in. Unplugging offers the best protection.

  • 5

  • Going out of town?

    If you're away for an extended period, you may want to shut off your electricity completely. This is done by throwing the main switch at the fuse box (be sure to turn off all major appliances before you turn off the main switch).

  • 6

  • Use a backup generator

    Some customers may benefit from using a generator during a power outage to maintain comfort and safety.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here you'll find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about the claims process. If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to contact us at 1-888-664-9376.

How will my claim be assessed?

How long will my claim take?

How are claims paid?

Should I contact my personal insurance company?

Do I need to keep my damaged items?

What if my items need to be repaired or replaced immediately?

I can’t afford to repair or replace my items. What do I do now?

How can I check my claim status?


Complete this form and send as soon as possible to:

Subject: Hydro One Damage Claims Division


Hydro One Networks Inc.
483 Bay St., 6th Floor, South Tower
Toronto, ON M5G 2P5
Attention: Hydro One Claims Division

Hydro One will assess your claim in a fair and efficient manner. In the meantime, please do not throw away any damaged items and keep all receipts, estimates, warranties, photos, technicians’ assessments/bills, etc., related to the damage or repairs.

A representative from Hydro One will contact you with the results of their investigation within 60 days.

How to file a claim for compensation

If you feel your damages are a result of Hydro One's negligence, submit a claim using one of the methods below. We will assess your claim in a fair and efficient manner. Please do not throw away any damaged items and keep all receipts, estimates, warranties, photos, technicians’ assessments/bills, etc., related to the damage or repairs.


The quickest and easiest way to submit a claim is to complete our online claims form:
  Submit a Claim


Download, complete and email our claims form — Subject: Hydro One Damage Claims Division


Download, print and complete our claims form and mail it to:

Hydro One Networks Inc.
483 Bay St., 6th Floor, South Tower, Toronto, ON  M5G 2P5
Attention: Hydro One Claims Division

Still have questions? Please don't hesitate to contact us at 1-888-664-9376.