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Look up and look out

Doing last minute yardwork before the snow comes? Always remember that electricity is an invisible threat and can have dangerous impacts. Be aware of your surroundings, whether working above or below ground.

Did you know? The three most common powerline hazards at home are: using ladders, trimming trees and flying kites.

Here's how to stay safe around powerlines

1. Look up and locate powerlines

2. Keep yourself and equipment a safe distance of three metres away

3. Never attach or drape anything on a powerline

4. Always carry equipment horizontally

5. Plant trees away from overhead powerlines.


Power Safety Tips

How many of these questions do you know the answer to?

What is a safe distance to stay from overhead power lines?
How far must you stay from a downed power line?
If a power line comes down on your vehicle, what do you do?
If there's a fire and the vehicle has a power line on top of it, what do you do?
Do you need to contact Ontario One Call every time you dig?


Stay Safe


Remember to first call or click to get a FREE underground utility locate. Knowing what's below protects public safety and ensures underground infrastructure is not damaged.

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Safety Comes First

Tree trimming

Tree Trimming Emergencies

If you see hazardous vegetation around electricity lines, request a tree trimming to help manage the issue safely and ensure it doesn't cause any power disruptions or harm. About Tree Trimming   

Photo of a Hydro One worker in a hard hat

Corporate Health and Safety

Our focus on being an efficient, dynamic, and customer-centric company is supported by placing workplace and public health and safety first. It's the foundation of our work programs, systems and is seen in our commitment to minimize the risk of injury in every possible circumstance. Learn More   

Clemsford Students learn about electrical safety


Hydro One has partnered with The Hospital for Sick Children to provide electrical safety information for its website called AboutKidsHealth, which is dedicated to the health and wellness of children by providing age-appropriate health and safety information to children and their parents. AboutKidsHealth