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We're updating our Conditions of Service

We’re updating our Conditions of Service, which describes how we do business with our Customers. Our commitment to great Customer Service is dependent on direct feedback from customers, just like you.

Please refer to our full updated Conditions of Service document along with the Summary of Changes below. And, please share your feedback and comments (between March 1st and June 15, 2019) here.

Thank you for taking the time to review the Conditions of Service and sharing your thoughts.

If you would like to provide comments on the proposed revisions, please submit them online using the comment form you can access above OR email

Customers without e-mail access can submit comments through regular mail to:

Hydro One Networks Inc.
Attn: Conditions of Service P.O. Box 5700 Markham, ON L3R 1C8
By Phone: Call our Customer Communications Centre at 1-888-664-9376

Summary Appendices Updates

Privacy Code

Privacy Code

Protecting your privacy and the confidentiality of your personal information has always been an important aspect of the way we do business. We collect information about our customers, including personal information from our customers directly and from other sources, for example, credit bureaus, to:

  • Establish identity (e.g., name, address, phone number, date of birth, etc.)

  • Set up an account for electricity purchase and delivery

  • Confirm credit history.

We collect your information to:

  • Establish and maintain responsible commercial relations and operations, including for purposes of billing and debt collection and for assessing your credit history from time-to-time to determine whether we require a security deposit

  • Understand your needs and eligibility for products and services

  • Develop, enhance, recommend, market or provide electricity products and services

  • Manage and develop our businesses and operations

  • Provide you with information about the electricity market and rates

  • Meet legal and regulatory requirements.

In some cases, your information will be shared with third-party service providers who perform services on our behalf. These service providers are given only the information necessary to perform those services that we have contracted them to provide.

Additionally, they're prohibited from selling, storing, analyzing or using that information for purposes other than the services they have been contracted to provide. In the event a service provider is located outside of Canada, the service provider is bound by the laws of the jurisdiction in which the service provider is located.

We don't sell or trade your information. We don't use or disclose your information for purposes other than those for which it was collected, except with your consent or in accordance with applicable laws. In order to measure our performance and develop service improvements for you, we may conduct surveys. If you don't want your information used for surveys, contact us and we'll withhold it.

You may request that we not collect or use your personal information. However, doing so may affect our ability to deliver electricity to you. We'll advise you if this is the case. Learn more about our Privacy Policy.


Your Account

Disconnection and Reconnection

Disconnection and reconnection

We reserve the right to physically disconnect or limit the amount of electricity that you can use for a number of reasons, including the following:

  • If you default on any of your obligations under our Conditions of Service, including non-payment of your electricity bill

  • If we have reason to believe that our assets have been tampered with at your address

  • If there is a threat to personal safety or to the reliability of any part of the distribution system

  • If we're unable to perform meter reading, planned inspections, maintenance, repairs or replacement of a meter

  • If you move into an existing property and use electricity but don't notify us to take responsibility for the account

  • If you have wilfully and intentionally avoided bill payment of outstanding charges by applying or re-applying for a new account under a different account holder name

  • By order of the Electrical Safety Authority (ESA).

Please note that some of our meters have the functionality to be remotely operated and be disconnected or reconnected without an in-person visit to your property.

Reconnection or restoration of electricity service will occur only after the reason for disconnection or limitation is remedied. We're not liable for any damage related to the disconnection or limitation.

If the service has been disconnected for a period of six months or longer, or for other safety-related reasons, the ESA must inspect and provide us with authorization for connection before we can reconnect the service. It's your responsibility to arrange and pay for the inspection, including remediation of any deficiencies identified by the ESA.

Collection charges will apply if we collect payment for an overdue account on-site, if we disconnect service, if we install a load limiter or if we reconnect your service. Charges will be applied to your account and are due on your next bill.

Space and Acccess

Space and access

To read the meter or inspect and repair our equipment, we need access to your property and may need to enter the premises, so please keep the path to the electricity meter clear. Providing us with access to the meter is your responsibility. If accessing the meter is an ongoing issue, we may require the meter to be relocated at your expense.

Tree and Vegetation Management

Tree and vegetation management

You're responsible for all tree trimming and tree and brush removal for the overhead power lines on your property that serve only your home or business. According to the Ontario Electrical Safety Code, clearances between trees and power lines must be one metre for secondary lines and four metres for primary lines. The diagrams below show the difference between primary and secondary lines.

?Diagram: Primary Overhead Service ?Diagram: Secondary Overhead Service

Due to the danger of working around overhead power lines, unqualified individuals should never attempt to cut down trees or trim branches close to, or touching, overhead power lines. 

We strongly recommend that you hire a certified utility arborist or a qualified electrical contractor to do this work.

Diagram: Planting Zone

A copy of the Ontario Electrical Safety Code may be obtained from the Electrical Safety Authority.

Marking Underground Cables

Marking underground cables

We'll locate and mark the location of all of our underground cables, if able, without charge as long as you have provided all relevant information, including the location of where the work will take place, the expected time when the work will begin and the scope and nature of the work. Please help our cable locators by outlining with white paint or white flags where the excavation is to occur. To request an underground cable locate, call Ontario One Call at 1-800-400-2255 or submit an e-ticket at Ontario One Call is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Requests for cable locates should be made as early as possible, at least five business days' in advance. Unless it's an emergency, there will be a charge for locating underground cables after normal business hours. 

The diagrams below show the difference between primary and secondary underground services:

?Diagram: Primary Underground Service ?Diagram: Secondary Underground Service

If we’re unable to locate your cable, which is connected to our distribution system, we’ll disconnect and then reconnect your electricity service during normal business hours without charge. Cables owned by other parties won't be located by us. You should contact Ontario One Call or call the owners of these cables directly. 

Your Electrical Equipment (Temporarily Disconnect Your Service)

Our Equipment (Power Interruptions and Surges)

Our equipment

We will repair or replace, at our expense, any of our equipment on your property that fails due to ordinary wear and tear. For any other damage, you are responsible for paying us the value of our equipment or the cost to repair or replace the equipment.
In some cases, alterations may be necessary to your structures, pavement, landscaping, etc., to enable us to access and repair equipment. We always attempt to minimize this disruption, but we cannot guarantee or assume the costs of returning your property to its original state.

You must not build, plant, place or maintain any structure, tree, shrub, landscaping or other obstruction that could:

  • Result in the obstruction of access to our equipment

  • Interfere with the proper and safe operation of the distribution system (including, but not limited to, the ability to manually or remotely read a metering installation

  • Endanger any part of our equipment

  • Affect our compliance with any applicable laws.

If you do not remove the item, we may disconnect your supply of electricity and/or carry out the removal of the obstruction at your expense. In the event this occurs, we are not liable for any damages other than physical damage arising directly from entry to your property.

Power interruptions and surges

From time to time, events beyond our control can cause power interruptions or voltage irregularities. Therefore, we cannot guarantee a continuous or constant supply of power and will not be liable for any damages caused by a lack of power, or a power outage or surge unless those damages are caused by our negligence or wilful misconduct, in which case we will be liable for direct damages but not for other types of damages, such as indirect or consequential damages or business losses. Also, planned interruptions to your electricity service do occur. While we try to provide you with advance notice of such interruptions, we may be unable to do so; and in such situations, the interruptions will proceed as planned. We are not liable for any damages caused by such planned outages.

Landlord and Tenant Agreements

Landlord and tenant agreements

When a tenant contacts us to take responsibility for service, our contract is with the tenant. Therefore, when the tenant advises us that he or she will no longer accept responsibility as of a specific date, it's our obligation to adhere to the date we have been given, despite any lease or verbal agreement between the landlord and tenant. If a tenant advises us that he or she is no longer responsible for the account, a final bill will be issued.

At that time, the services will be set up in the landlord's/owner’s name, only if the landlord/owner agrees to automatically assume responsibility for paying for continued service after the closure of a tenant’s account. If a new account is set up in the landlord's/owner’s name, a new account setup charge may apply; and even though the property may be vacant, monthly service charges and electricity used will be billed.

If the landlord/owner refuses responsibility for continued service and a new tenant hasn’t assumed responsibility for the account, we may disconnect and remove our delivery equipment from the property. Likewise for new connections, if a person hasn't completed the account set up process and assumed responsibility for electricity service charges, we reserve the right to disconnect and remove our delivery equipment from the property.

Connecting a Generator

Connecting a generator

Generators are responsible for all costs associated with connecting a generating facility to our distribution system. If you're considering connecting a generator, please visit our Generators section for information, technical requirements and application forms.

Concerns and Feedback

Concerns and Feedback

If you have feedback or a complaint, please call our Customer Communications Centre at 1-888-664-9376. We have an established internal resolution process that will be followed to resolve any concerns. If for any reasons we can't resolve your issue, you may raise it with the Ontario Energy Board.