Large Vessel Moves

Ensure safe, uninterrupted transport of your equipment across Ontario
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Transporting a large vessel across our service territory? You're likely travelling through parts of our Transmission or Distribution network. In order to ensure safe, uninterrupted travel that does not affect our network, you'll need to arrange a Large Vessel Move.

Based on the size of your load, we may be required to raise lines, disconnect lines, or make changes to infrastructure to provide adequate clearances for safe transport.​

Large vessel parameters

If your over-sized load is in excess of 14.2 feet (4.32 meters) high you'll need to arrange a Large Vessel Move. This helps ensure your safety and that our infrastructure is not damaged and does not becomes an impediment to you while in transit. The safety and reliability of Ontario’s Transmission and Distribution networks depend on it.

Apply for a large vessel move

Be sure your shipment is on time and not impeded by our network by scheduling a Large Vessel Move with us far in advance. The application to move large vessels requires the following information:

  • Clear maps of intended route to destination — we recommend using Google Maps

  • All structure and equipment information

  • Start and end dates including specific times of transport

  • Detailed address and information for end point, drop-off points etc.

To apply for a Large Vessel Move, please complete our online form.

Arrange a Large Vessel Move

Alternatively, to apply for a Large Vessel Move, please mail, email or fax a completed hardcopy form to:

Hydro One Networks Inc.
1 Greendale Drive
Caledonia, ON N3W 2J3
Fax: 1-905-765-3663

Alternatively, please contact us at or 1-855-220-0250 ext. 2 to apply.

Additional road permits for oversized loads can be obtained through the Ministry of Transportation’s website.



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