Temporary Disconnect

Schedule a Temporary Disconnect

Schedule a temporary disconnect with us in advance to stay safe and avoid project delays. By scheduling an appointment, you can create a 24-hour window to also schedule electricians and ESA inspections in advance to avoid delays.

DELAY ALERT: Due to an increase in demand for underground locates province wide, Hydro One is experiencing delays in receiving locates required to proceed with service requests. Estimated wait times are currently 3-6 weeks. We apologize for this inconvenience. 

For more information, please call us at 1-888-664-9376.

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Schedule a crew to disconnect your power supply

Safety is our number one priority. Whether you are building your dream deck, trimming trees on your property, or working on electrical equipment, it is important that you too make safety a top priority. Before working on any electrical equipment on your property, put your safety first and schedule a free Temporary Disconnect.

To schedule a Temporary Disconnect, log in to myAccount and follow the prompts.

To help you plan your work, we ask for 10 days’ notice to make sure we can schedule a crew.

Hydro One Site Assessment

Within 10 days of receiving your request, a Hydro One crew member will connect with you to confirm details and schedule a site visit and disconnect. During your scheduled appointment time, a Hydro One crew will conduct a site assessment and if everything checks out they will proceed to disconnect your electricity supply.

Power Disconnect/ Reconnect

Our Temporary Disconnect service is available to customers for free once per year. We will disconnect your electricity supply for 24 hours to ensure you can conduct maintenance or upgrade your system safety.

Making changes to your electrical network?

Before you make any changes to your electrical network, you must call the Electrical Safety Authority (ESA) at 1-877-372-7233 to apply for a permit. After the work is complete, an electrical inspector will ensure that your work meets all of the requirements of the Ontario Electrical Safety Code.



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Move In/Out Request

Move In/Out Request

Moving into a new property is rarely as simple as we'd like it to be. Whether you're a residential or business customer, we can help make the move quick and easy through our online request form. Moving is complicated. We'll give you one less thing to worry about.

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Image of a shovel being dug in soil

Underground Cable Locate

This free service locates underground cables and pipes on your property to prevent serious injury and liability. Whether you're installing a fence or planting a tree, dig safe and request a locate first.

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Image of a Hydro One worker trimming vegetation

Tree Trimming

If you see hazardous vegetation around electricity lines, request a tree trimming to help manage the issue safely. If the line is determined to be on Hydro One property, we'll send a qualified team to assess the issue.

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