Hydro One is committed to operating safely in an environmentally and socially responsible manner and to partnering with our customers and community stakeholders to build a brighter future for all.

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Key Sustainability Priorities

Our vision of a better and brighter future for all, guides our sustainability priorities. Our sustainability program focuses on the impact of climate change on our business and on how we can reduce our environmental footprint; strengthening our Indigenous and community partnerships in order to build socio-economic capacity across the province; and diversifying our talent across our workforce.

2019 ESG Highlights


96% of the energy we transmit and distribute is from zero-carbon sources1.

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We reduced paper bill mailings by approx 1.5 million with our e-billing program.

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20,000+ households worth of power saved.

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Achieved our highest-ever annual spend supporting Indigenous businesses.

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We met our gender diversity commitments and launched a diversity and inclusion council.

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We established a safety improvement team.

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Received our brand re-designation from the Canadian Electricity Association.

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We established a corporate-wide sustainability committee.

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We increased ESG reporting transparency.

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Message from Our CEO

The events of 2020 have put a spotlight on the collective responsibility that governments, companies and individuals share in building a more sustainable world with equal, inclusive opportunities for people of all races, orientations and backgrounds.

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Message from Our CEO
Sustainability in Action
Hydro One is helping Ontarians live a better and brighter future. Through our network of businesses, we are growing and evolving to meet the expectations of shareholders, our regulator, Indigenous Peoples and the customers we serve. Here are just a few stories of our success.

Protecting local ecosystems
in Hamilton

Cootes Paradise in the Hamilton region was once home to the largest population of snapping turtles in Canada. Now, due to natural predation and increasing human impacts, all eight species of native turtles in Ontario have been designated as 'species at risk,’ including those in Hamilton.

Hydro One collaborated with the City of Hamilton, Dundas Turtle Watch and the Royal Botanical Gardens to install nearly 800 feet of turtle barrier fencing near Cootes Paradise to prevent turtles from crossing the nearby busy road. Since a portion of the fencing was installed last year, the barriers have reduced the risk of turtle deaths from road crossing by approximately 74 per cent. In addition, last year Hydro One installed two turtle nesting beds to provide safe places for the turtles to lay their eggs in an effort to increase the rapidly declining turtle population in the area. This collaborative effort allowed Hydro One to directly protect and preserve turtle populations and the well-being of the local ecosystem.

1As determined by the Canadian Energy Regulator, Ontario’s electricity mix has increased from 90% to 96% zero-carbon emitting sources over the period 2014–2018. www.statista.com/statistics/482978/ontario-electricity-production-by-energy-source, www.cer-rec.gc.ca/nrg/ntgrtd/mrkt/nrgsstmprfls/on-eng.html