Helping communities thrive

Hydro One provides more than safe and reliable power. We’re responsible for energizing life for people and communities across Ontario

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Indigenous Relations

We're committed to increasing our Indigenous procurement spend to 5% of Hydro One's purchases of materials and services by 2026.

We surpassed our Indigenous procurement target for 2021, spending $58.3 million, 3.4% of our total source-able spend, with Indigenous businesses; our highest to date.

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3.4 %

Serving our Customers

The electricity system is the backbone of our economy and is expected to play a critical role in Ontario’s economic recovery.

We invested approximately $2.1 billion in capital to expand the electricity grid along with renewing and modernizing existing infrastructure.

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2.1 B

Investing in Indigenous communities

Through our Community Investment program, we’re committed to ensuring 20% of corporate donations and sponsorships support Indigenous communities.

In 2021, we allocated 25% of donations and sponsorships to Indigenous communities across Ontario.

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25 %

Our plans for a better tomorrow


We plan to apply land valuation principles that recognize the unique character and function of Indigenous reserve lands when negotiating permits.

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Equal access for all

We’re committed to doing our part to enable greater broadband deployment in the communities where our customers live, work and play.

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Customer satisfaction

We continue to prepare our transmission and distribution system for more severe weather and to better protect our customers from power outages.

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A Greener Ontario

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Standing up for people

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Sustainability Policies & Downloads

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