Helping communities thrive

Hydro One is committed to being a trusted partner to Indigenous communities, customers, industry stakeholders, government and all Ontarians.

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Creating Partnerships to Energize Life

This past year, we stood with our partners in working to ease financial hardships and to protect society’s most vulnerable people. We will continue to stand with communities, customers and partners to promote a more inclusive economic recovery and a more equitable future for all.

Hydro One has a critical role to play in helping Ontario emerge stronger from the COVID-19 global pandemic. Not only do we stand ready to help power Ontario’s economic recovery, we continue to generate direct economic value in the province by investing in our communities, hiring locally, paying taxes and buying goods and services from local and Indigenous suppliers.

We're making today brighter

As a partner in the province’s economic recovery, regional suppliers play a large role in supporting our work programs and projects. In 2020, we updated our supplier code of conduct to align with international best practices. This included adding more explicit language relating to the International Labour Organization’s guidelines on minimum wage, humane working conditions and child labour.

Our plans for a better tomorrow

Developed a five-year sourcing plan, which is refreshed annually, that addresses security of supply by diversifying our supply base, including identifying additional local suppliers.
Continued to support new business customer connections to the grid to enable economic growth in the province. New growth areas include but are not limited to new data centres in the greater Toronto area, the expansion of the greenhouse industry in southwestern Ontario and the mining and steel industries in northern Ontario.

Strengthening our Partnerships with Indigenous Communities

Our Indigenous Relations Commitments

Our Indigenous Relations strategy supports Indigenous inclusion and reconciliation as outlined by the Call to Action #92 of Canada’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission. Hydro One will continue to strive for industry-leading and innovative engagement with Indigenous communities through open dialogue, respect for cultural traditions and knowledge, all underpinned by trust-based relationships. Learn more about our Indigenous Relations work here.

We're making today brighter

To assist Indigenous and small businesses with cash flow during the first wave of the pandemic, our team planned and executed an accelerated payment program for the first time in its history. We fast-tracked $32.9 million in payments to 124 Indigenous and small business suppliers in Ontario to help with much needed cash flow, including $18 million to 55 Indigenous businesses in 2020.

To date, seven Indigenous trainees who completed the Line Crew Ground Support program have joined the Hydro One family. The graduates have completed safety modules and hands-on training for job site tasks, including pole line construction, working at heights, hoisting and rigging as well as crane operation.

We have taken action on addressing five key concerns related to reliably, affordability, connection process and timelines, procurement and business opportunities, and barriers to engagement due to COVID-19.

Our plans for a better tomorrow

Our five-year target is to increase Hydro One’s Indigenous spend to 5% of total spend by 2026. In 2020, we increased total procurement spending with approximately 80 Indigenous businesses to $42.0 million, our highest annual spend to date.
At least 20% of our corporate donations and sponsorships will be allocated to support Indigenous communities. We are focused on strengthening our Indigenous partnerships and implementing Hydro One’s Indigenous Relations strategy.
We plan to deliver additional Indigenous cultural awareness training to employees, executives and Board members and will continue to support education and training guided by the needs and priorities of Indigenous communities.

Energizing Communities

Our Community Commitments

Our shared success depends on our ability to build trust as a reliable partner and good neighbour for our communities and the people of Ontario. We are committed to sharing the benefits of our socio-economic development initiatives, building consensus and investing in our communities.

We're making today brighter

We formed new partnerships to address urgent needs during the pandemic: donated $300,000 worth of food to Feed Ontario's COVID-19 Emergency Food Box program, partnered with to provide free and accessible mental health resources to young people and supported Indigenous communities through GlobalMedic and the Metis Nation of Ontario's pandemic relief fund.

We launched the Energizing Life initiative as a way to support those who provide services to Ontarians – helping to strengthen community resiliency and safety. Charitable organizations, municipalities and Indigenous communities could apply up to $25,000 toward pandemic response efforts and initiatives that improve physical and emotional safety.

Our plans for a better tomorrow

Updating our operations to allow internet providers to easily connect their telecommunications equipment to our poles to allow more communities to get online sooner and faster. A key concern for rural Ontarians has been the lack of access to high-speed internet.
Committing to incorporating virtual engagement into our consultation strategies along with more traditional in-person methods to enhance our status as a trusted partner and to build and invest in our community partnerships. We will formalize stakeholder roundtables into the development of large infrastructure projects.

Standing for our Customers

Our Commitment to Our Customers

Hydro One is committed to meeting our customers’ current and future energy needs and expectations, through a focus on customer experience, the expansion of digital channels and the development of new products and services. At the same time, we remain focused on addressing our customers’ needs for affordability and reliability.

We're making today brighter

We helped our business and residential customers save 183,156MWh of energy - That's approximately the amount of power that 20,350 households use in a year and saves approximately $26.2 million in bills.

We deployed approximately 1,180 smart devices designed to enable remote monitoring of the grid to reduce outage times for customers.

We are making a new, important promise to our customers called Connected for Life. This is our promise to help customers stay connected to safe and reliable power while we work together to help them access financial relief and more flexible service options.

We successfully advocated for choice in our customer pricing plans. Our residential and small business customers now – and for the first time ever – have the option to choose between time-of-use (TOU) and two tiered rates. We launched an online portal in October to help customers make this choice and to date, close to 40,000 customers have opted out of TOU rates.

Our plans for a better tomorrow

To help Ontarians reduce their carbon footprint in our collective drive to net zero, we have partnered to build Ontario’s largest, most connected Electric Vehicle fast-charger network and are on track to have 160 fast-chargers across approximately 60 locations in the province by end of 2021.
To help customers manage their electricity consumption and achieve their climate goals, we have committed to providing customers who have signed up for the myAccount Service personalized insights and advice based on their consumption information.
To support our customers’ appetite for more digital channels, we will expand our digital offerings and provide greater choice and convenience, including the recently launched chat function on our website and the development of a new app that allows for better two-way communication with our customers.